Kevin Garnett Says It's Time To Move On From Michael Jordan And Magic Johnson to Embrace The "New Generation" Of Superstar

Kevin Garnett wants to embrace the modern NBA.

In a recent appearance on the Stephen A. Smith show, NBA legend Kevin Garnett spoke on all sorts of different topics relating to the NBA and the sports world as a whole. 

During one segment, he went on about the state of the modern NBA and how it's time to embrace what we are seeing from players right now.  

While guys like Stephen A. and Shannon Sharpe are busy debating between LeBron James and Michael Jordan, Garnett is keeping his focus on what's happening right now. 

Talent is at the highest point we've ever seen across the NBA and superstars are seemingly more abundant than ever before, 

with at least five players at any given time being a serious contender for MVP.  

But even as these new guys take over, this season is also giving us some incredible runs from familiar names like Stephen Curry, LeBron James, and Kevin Durant. 

And while you have to give guys like Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson credit for dominating in their time, the league is so much deeper now than it was back then and it's led to some really exciting moments over the past few years. 

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