Kawhi Leonard Reacts To Being Booed By Spurs Fans And Gregg Popovich Defending Him

Kawhi Leonard told the media how he felt after being booed so badly that Gregg Popovich had to ask Spurs' fans to stop mid-game.

It even prompted Gregg Popovich to step in to calm the crowd down.  

Leonard has shared his true feelings about being booed in San Antonio. 

Leonard ended the game with 26 points on 58.8% shooting, one of his best games since the James Harden trade. 

The Clippers held on to win the contest 109-102 and are now 6-7, needing one win to enter the .500 club.  

They have two tricky fixtures awaiting them on back-to-back nights after Thanksgiving, 

with the first coming against the New Orleans Pelicans and the second against the Dallas Mavericks. 

He got honest about his intentions with that gesture after the game, saying he didn't want fans to end up instigating Kawhi into destroying them on the court.

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