Kevin Garnett Explains Why LeBron James Is The GOAT

Kevin Garnett gets real on LeBron James' legacy.

NBA legend Kevin Garnett has never been shy about recognizing the greatness of LeBron James.  

But in an appearance on "the Stephen A. Smith Show" this week, the former NBA big man gave his greatest review yet of the 4x champion and explained how his success story stretches well beyond the confines of the court. 

For a guy like Kevin Garnett who has lost to LeBron James on several occasions, 

and once considered him his greatest rival, it can't be easy to recognize LeBron as the GOAT.  

But at this point, considering all that James has done over two decades, and what he's still doing on the court right now, his claim as the best is getting hard to dispute. 

We all know what LeBron has done during his basketball career.  

But for James and his family, success has not been limited to the world of sports.  

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