NBA Launches Investigation Into Josh Giddey After Concerning Accusation

NBA starts investigation into Josh Giddey after a shocking social media scandal.

OKC guard Josh Giddey finds himself on thin ice after a series of accusations online (complete with video evidence) exposed a potential inappropriate relationship with underage influencer Liv Cook. 

While Giddey and Thunder coach Mark Daigneault have chosen to stay quiet on the scandal for now, the NBA has already opened a full investigation into the situation. 

Giddey has been a huge piece of the Thunder's rotation this season, and he was on track for a breakout season before being mixed up in this ongoing ordeal.  

While none of the claims have been verified at this time, the NBA acknowledging the drama gives credence to the idea that Giddey is guilty, and it will have dramatic implications for his career if true.  

The whole thing started this Thursday when an anonymous account on X exposed the Thunder guard for his relationship with High School influencer Liv Cook.  

To make matters worse for Giddey, the post came with audio and video evidence of the relationship, 

including a recording of Giddey himself sending a message to Cook's brother on Instagram. 

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