Potty Training for Your Mini Labradoodle


A crate gives puppies their own protected environment, making the transition from indoors to outdoors easier for both sides by setting boundaries.


Always have treats when training your dog. Rewarding the dog helps him maintain the desired behaviour.


You can control your dog when taking them outside to potty with a sturdy leash. This gives you more freedom on walks since they won't run off and get lost.


Accidents happen, so enzyme stain removers help clear interior messes fast without leaving odours. The smell may confuse or tempt your puppy to use interior places instead of outdoors.

Bad Smell Remover

Before applying the enzyme stain remover, this can soothe any hidden liquids, especially on odor-filled carpets.

Spot Cleaner

Since pups associate ringing bells with going outside, strategically placed bells can help with potty training.


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