Victor Wembanyama On His Name Misspelled On Spurs Jersey: "It's A Real Shame."

Victor Wembanyama reacts after he played the first half in a Spurs jersey with his name misspelled on the back.

In a peculiar turn of events during the San Antonio Spurs' game against the Golden State Warriors,  

rookie sensation Victor Wembanyama experienced an unexpected twist to his basketball journey.  

The Spurs managed to misspell the French prospect's last name on his jersey, labeling him as "Wembanyana" instead of the correct "Wembanyama" in the first half of the game. 

Victor Wembanyama first said he hadn't even realized the misspelling during the game, 

but then added it was a 'real shame' because he played the first half in a jersey with his name misspelled on the back. 

Nevertheless, the misstep by the Spurs could potentially turn into a unique moment in Wembanyama's early career,  

creating collector's items for fans who appreciate the rarity of such occurrences. 

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