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What are the benefits of US Bank

What are the benefits of US Bank


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What are the benefits of US Bank: It’s important that you are healthy. In order to help you and your family improve your health, keep your finances safe, and feel at ease, our benefits are designed.

What are the benefits of US Bank

Customers with qualifying U.S. Bank personal credit cards can now receive cash-back offers in addition to rewards credit cards. Recently added Smart Rewards benefits include home equity and auto loan discounts.

New, exclusive cash-back deals are available to Smart Rewards primary tier members who use their qualifying personal credit card at top national merchants, brands, or spending categories. Grocery stores, food delivery, gas stations, travel, and more may offer cash-back offers worth up to $135 per quarter, changing every 45 days.

Discover the benefits of U.S. Bank Smartly Checking.

  • Getting interest on your check book.
  • There is no overdraft fee if the amount owed is $50 or less.
  • program where overdraft fees are waived for balances over $50.
  • At U.S. Bank ATMs, there are no fees to use the machine.

Any of the following will waive your monthly maintenance fee:

  • Are younger than 24 or older than 65, or are in the military (must say so themselves).
  • Have at least $1,000 in direct deposits every month.
  • Keep at least $1,500 in your account at all times.
  • Have an open U.S. Bank consumer credit card that meets the requirements.
  • You can join for free.
  • Sign up for the Smart Rewards program for free, and as your balances rise, you’ll automatically move up in our four-tiered program.

Consumer account balances determine your rewards and benefits tier.

  • Having a checking account
  • Accounts for savings and money market
  • IRAs and CDs
  • A company called U.S. Bancorp Investments, which is connected to U.S. Bank, and Personal Trust Accounts
  • If you own a consumer account that is open and has a qualifying balance, you are eligible. Keep in
  • mind that balances in business and commercial accounts don’t count.

Get your loan to the next level.

If you have any of the following open accounts, you are automatically in the Primary tier.

  • Home loan from U.S. Bank
  • Loan for home equity
  • Line of credit for home equity
  • Personal loan with no security
  • There are some things that this benefit doesn’t cover, like U.S. Bank credit cards, personal unsecured lines of credit, student loans, and Simple Loans.

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