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What To Do With Your Christmas Tree After The Holidays

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What To Do With Your Christmas Tree After The Holidays
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What To Do With Your Christmas Tree After The Holidays:- The conclusion of the Christmas season signifies that it is time to remove the holly and the tree from the house. The question “What do we do with it now?” is one that is bound to arise around the time of New Year’s, regardless of whether it is your first Christmas tree or your twenty-somethingth. If you have been wondering what to do with the giant fir that has been a part of your living room for the past month, we have a few suggestions for you to consider.

As the first stage, you will have to go through the laborious process of removing and repacking your ornaments. In addition, if it is a real tree, the lights need to be untangled. We have a few storage recommendations that will help you keep your faux fir looking good until the next season, but if you choose to go with an artificial tree, you will need to dispose of any genuine trees that you have by the time January rolls around. Not sure which method will be most effective in removing your tree? When the holiday season is over, here is how you may recycle, repurpose, or get rid of your remaining tree.

What To Do With Your Christmas Tree After The Holidays

Apply for curbside pickup.

  • New Christmas trees are collected by municipal recycling programs in many towns.
  • These programs are designed to prevent the trees from being thrown away in landfills and to recycle them for community uses and ecosystems.
  • During the two weeks that immediately follow the holidays, the majority of counties will publish their curbside pickup schedules.
  • Simply read the instructions very carefully because some of them may contain conditions for pick-up, such as the removal of all non-organic items (such as wires, ornaments, lights, and tinsel, among other things).

Find an event that is a community collection.

  • In the event that your region does not provide pick-up services, there are frequently community drop-off sites that are arranged by the city or by local organizations that are not-for-profit.
  • Check the listings in your area to find out more about these activities and places.
  • When you phone the Home Depot store in your area, you may inquire about the collection events that are held at many of their locations.

Place It in the A(n Approved) Column The lake

  • The absence of trees in the water can provide a safe haven and habitat for aquatic organisms, as well as serve as a good source of food and a breeding ground for fish.
  • Be cautious to only throw natural trees and branches that have not been treated with any chemicals into the water.
  • You are free to dispose of the tree however you see fit if you have access to your own private lake or pond; however, if you choose to dispose of the tree in any public body of water, you must ensure that you comply with the local norms and regulations.

For use as firewood, cut it up.

  • As kindling, you can make use of the needles and smaller branches, and then you can chop the trunk into logs for burning.
  • Although Christmas trees are perfect for use in outdoor bonfires, it is highly recommended that you never burn them inside.
  • A high sap content is present in pines, firs, and other evergreens that are commonly used for Christmas decoration.
  • This sap content can lead to a buildup of creosote in your chimney and flue thanks to the presence of the sap.
  • There is also the fact that the needles generate a great deal of sparks and are highly combustible, which means that they quickly catch fire. This can result in smoke being expelled from the fireplace rather than being directed up the chimney.

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What To Do With Your Christmas Tree After The Holidays

What To Do With Your Christmas Tree After The Holidays

Mulch can be made from it.

  • When the holidays are over, you can give your tree a new use by turning it into mulch.
  • It’s possible that you don’t have a woodchipper on hand, but a neighbor might have one to spare! On the other hand, many municipalities provide local chipping services through the public works department.
  • These departments would gladly take your tree and transform it into mulch for public areas, or they will make it available for you to pick up upon your own.

Refuse to use And the Needles

  • Needles are an excellent ground cover for plants because they dry out rapidly and decay slowly.
  • This is what makes them so useful.
  • The needles that have been shaken from the branches of your Christmas tree can be used in the same way as a bale of pine straw would be used to cover a bed cover.

Make use of boughs to insulate perennials.

  • To protect the dormant flowers and plants from harsh frost and temperature swings, cut the branches off the tree into medium-sized pieces and spread them over perennial beds as a winter covering.
  • This will protect the plants and flowers from the elements.

To Compost It

  • It is possible that needles from your tree might be an excellent addition to a compost bin or pile that you maintain.
  • They should be allowed to dry out, after which they should be shaken off the branches and added to the compost mixture as the dry component.

Use your imagination with the trunk.

  • Start by removing the limbs off the tree, and then proceed to chop the trunk into discs that are roughly 2 inches thick.
  • It is possible to utilize these discs for a variety of activities, such as making handcrafted coasters, or for edging flower beds and pathways.

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