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4 Zodiac Signs Who, In Order To Entice You, Pretend To Be In Love

4 Zodiac Signs Who, In Order To Entice You, Pretend To Be In Love


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4 Zodiac Signs Who, In Order To Entice You, Pretend To Be In Love:Welcome, lovers of astrology! We explore the fascinating realm of love today, concentrating on a somewhat dishonest facet: phony love. Some signs of the zodiac are particularly good at making love confessions that may not be as sincere as they first seem to be. Come along as we examine the astrological characteristics that may predispose some signs to employing false love as a manipulative tactic.

4 Zodiac Signs Who, In Order To Entice You, Pretend To Be In Love

Sign of Gemini

  • Mercury rules the air sign Gemini, which is characterized as lovely and flexible.
  • Even while Geminis are a lot of fun to be around, their romantic confessions can seem more motivated by the excitement of the moment than by true feelings.
  • Their capacity to change and think quickly makes them adept at giving the impression of a strong bond.


  • Venus, the planet of beauty and love, rules Libras.
  • These people have a keen sense of harmony and beauty, sometimes to the point where they would stop at nothing to prevent confrontation.
  • Even if their affections aren’t as deep as they seem, Libras may proclaim love to create a romantic environment in their quest of balance.


  • Because of their great desire, Scorpios often cause a tornado of emotions to accompany their love confessions.
  • But sometimes, rather than being a true sign of devotion, this intensity may be more motivated by their need for dominance or the excitement of the pursuit.
  • In order to keep control in their relationships, Scorpios may resort to acting like they are in love.

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The Pisces

  • Neptune, the planet of illusions and dreams, rules Pisces, a sign that sometimes finds it difficult to tell the difference between truth and fiction.
  • It’s possible that their love declarations are motivated more by a desire to conjure up romantic images than by real feelings.
  • Despite their innate sensitivity, Pisceans are prone to inadvertent deceit due to their idealistic inclination.

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