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10 Jewel-Toned Nail Ideas for Color Enthusiasts

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10 Jewel-Toned Nail Ideas for Color Enthusiasts
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10 Jewel-Toned Nail Ideas for Color Enthusiasts:-If you like changing your manicure every time you go, you may run out of ideas. Worry not—we’ll always protect you. Our latest nail craze? Manis with gems. There are many hues to pick from, and they can be used in the latest nail art trends including chrome finishes and airbrush designs. An amethyst, topaz, or other jewel-inspired manicure is sure to please. Here are 10 jewel-toned nail ideas to show your manicurist immediately.

10 Jewel-Toned Nail Ideas for Color Enthusiasts


  • Garnet is a deep red gem that evokes the holidays.
  • This metallic tint on a nude background makes great nail art.
  • Life On Mars ($15) by Cirque Colors gives the similar appearance.

2. Sapphire

  • We love this fire-and-ice manicure with vivid sapphire.
  • Start with a light-pink base and top with Mooncat’s House of Hades ($15) in flames.

3. Opal

  • Like glazed donut nails? Welcome to opal nails, the next big thing.
  • With cloudy-blue iridescence, this manicure set resembles the jewel.
  • Top white polish with Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel Special Effects.
  • Top Coat in Unicorn ($8) for a similar appearance.

4. Emerald

  • Emerald green is always in style, and we love it for fall manicures.
  • Anna used Mooncat’s Beowulf ($13), an emerald-green polish, for this set.

5. Amethyst

  • We love this purple mani whether you’re a February baby or appreciate amethyst’s energy.
  • This set appears like the stone due to its watercolor-ombré style.

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10 Jewel-Toned Nail Ideas for Color Enthusiasts

10 Jewel-Toned Nail Ideas for Color Enthusiasts

6. Topaz

  • To create a statement with your manicure? Choose topaz.
  • This set’s yellow-orange color and maximalist dewdrop accents are enticing.

7. Quartz

  • Quartz, a cloudy-clear gemstone, is often compared to diamonds.
  • With an iridescent shimmer and thick texture, this colorful nail design mimics crystals and looks great on anyone.

8. Aquamarine

  • While aquamarine is always beautiful, we knew we had to recreate this mani immediately.
  • The airbrush-inspired design’s fanciful star decorations are great.

9. Morganite

  • We think morganite gets overlooked, but if you like delicate pink manis, try this set.
  • Show your manicurist this lovely design next time you visit.

10. Ruby

  • Despite its festive connotations, ruby-red polish is gorgeous year-round.
  • This set uses Gucci’s Goldie Red Nail Polish ($33).

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