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20+ Happy New Year jokes in Hindi

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20+ Happy New Year jokes in Hindi
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20+ Happy New Year jokes in Hindi: Certainly! Here are some Happy New Year jokes in English:

20+ Happy New Year jokes in Hindi

  • 1. Why did the calendar go to therapy?
    Because it had too many issues with dates!


  • 2. What do you call always being the last one to wish someone a Happy New Year?
    A procrastinator’s resolution!


  • 3. Why did the party decoration refuse to celebrate New Year?
    It felt deflated after the Christmas bash!


  • 4. What’s a New Year’s resolution you can keep?
    Not making any resolutions!


  • 5. How do you organize a fantastic space party on New Year’s Eve?
    You planet!


  • 6. Why did the clock break up with the calendar?
    It needed more space and time!


  • 7. What did one calendar say to another on January 1st?
    “See you next year!”


  • 8. What’s a ghost’s favorite New Year’s resolution?
    To lose some weight—literally!


  • 9. Why did the math book look forward to the New Year?
    It wanted to turn a new page!


  • 10. What do you say to someone who didn’t make any resolutions?
    “You’re already perfect!”


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  • 11. Why did the grape refuse to attend the New Year’s party?
    It didn’t want to get crushed!


  • 12. What’s a snowman’s New Year’s resolution?
    To chill out more!


  • 13. Why do seagulls fly over the sea on New Year’s Eve?
    Because if they flew over the bay, they’d be bagels!


  • 14. How do you dance on New Year’s Eve?
    Just put a little boogie in it!


  • 15. What do you call always writing the wrong year on documents?
    A date with destiny!


  • 16. Why did the scarecrow become a stand-up comedian on New Year’s Eve?
    Because he was outstanding in his field!


  • 17. What’s the best time to make a New Year’s resolution?
    Right after you’ve broken your last one!


  • 18. Why did the bicycle fall over on New Year’s Eve?
    It was two-tired!


  • 19. What’s a vampire’s New Year’s resolution?
    To stop biting and improve his life!


  • 20. Why was the belt arrested on New Year’s Eve?
    It was holding up a pair of pants!

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