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5 Christmas customs we’ll never abandon

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5 Christmas Customs We'll Never Abandon
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5 Christmas customs we’ll never abandon:- After hearing Gene Autry’s “Everyone’s a Child at Christmas,” when did you last take his words to heart? Menu planning and decorations make it easy to forget Autry’s “happy holiday jollity” during the holidays.

Don’t stress over the holidays. Instead, enjoy the childlike wonder that made Christmas your favorite holiday as a youngster.

This season brings us delight and memories of former Christmases, from our favorite Christmas movies to matching pajamas.

These memories and customs make us feel like children at Christmas, even after toys and other holiday items are gone. Our editors remembered our childhood Christmas customs in the spirit of the season.

5 Christmas customs we’ll never abandon

1. Finding Joy in Matching Pajamas

  • We’ve discussed this before, but we love Christmas jammies. Nothing beats cuddling up by the tree with sugar cookies and our favorite flannels. Many of our editors have a familial legacy of matching jammies.
  • Assistant Homes Editor Cameron Beall’s family wears matching pajamas on Christmas morning, while Olson and her sisters get them ahead of time to wear on Christmas Eve. Matching pajamas are a wonderful custom you may repeat every year.

2.Collecting Ornaments Through the Years

  • For years, Senior Food Editor Kimberly Holland’s mother gave her an ornament with the year on it.
  • By the time she was grown and had her first tree, she “had sweet ornaments and didn’t have to panic-buy tons to start.” Smart and sentimental!

3.Sharing Cake on Christmas

  • You know we love holiday cake. Our famed white cakes and other exquisite confections prove that Christmas and cake go together.
  • Digital Editor Jenna Sims’ family celebrates Jesus’ birth with a birthday cake. Sims adds it “was a tradition my mom started to help teach the meaning of Christmas from a young age.”

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5 Christmas customs we'll never abandon

5 Christmas customs we’ll never abandon

4. Watching Christmas Classics on Repeat

  • We all have a childhood Christmas movie we can’t get enough of. Editor Mary Shannon Wells watches White Christmas with her mom every year. Wells: “I adored White Christmas from the start.
  • How could you not like this movie with Vera-Ellen’s dance, Bing Crosby’s voice, and the gorgeous costumes?”
  • The family watches A Christmas Story repeatedly, as Travel and Culture Editor Tara Massouleh McCay does. This classic plays on Christmas day in her household.

5. Eating Chinese Food on Christmas Eve

  • Editor Kaitlyn Yarborough’s family doesn’t stress over Christmas Eve supper, unlike others. “We go out to the local Chinese restaurant after the Christmas Eve church service!” Yarborough stated.
  • “There are always the same families there and it’s become an unlikely tradition that started when we were kids.”
  • Despite the pandemic, Yarborough’s family ordered takeout and ate on her great-grandmother’s china. Yarborough says “celebrating Christmas is about the people, not the place!” even when circumstances force tradition changes.

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