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5 Popular Global Destinations to Visit with Your Dog

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5 Popular Global Destinations to Visit with Your Dog
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5 Popular Global Destinations to Visit with Your Dog: Taking your dog on trips around the world is not just a dream. With these 5 popular international vacation spots and some planning, every dog owner can make this come true. Before you go to a travel agent, you should take your dog to a trusted vet to make sure it’s healthy enough to go on vacation.

Also, make sure that the dog has all of its shots up to date. Getting a microchip for your dog can be very helpful before you go to a foreign country. Another important thing to think about is what kind of dog food you should bring on vacation with you in small packets.

Certain dog breeds aren’t allowed in some countries or on some airlines, so it’s always best to check these things out before booking a hotel or a flight. Your choice of any one of these five cities is like taking a step toward the dream vacation you’ve always wanted to take with your dog:

5 Popular Global Destinations to Visit with Your Dog

1) In Paris, France

  • We promise that this dog-friendly place will not let you down or your dog. There are some very nice hotels that let dogs stay and treat them very well.
  • The Grand Hotel du Palais Royal and the Shangri-La Hotel Paris will both be happy to have your pet.
  • You and your four-legged friend can take the metro, which is a safe and cheap way to get to dog-friendly restaurants and parks.

2) Jerusalem, Tel Aviv:

  • There are almost 70 dog parks and 4 dog-friendly beaches in this city, which changes what it means to be dog-friendly.
  • It has the most dogs per person in the world, which is another thing that makes it a dog-friendly place.

3) Canada’s Toronto:

Now might be a great time to start planning your summer trip to this pet paradise with your furry friend. It has 60 dog parks where dogs can run free and a huge number of pet-friendly cafes and restaurants.

Some beaches where your dog can enjoy both sun and sand are Woodbine, Cherry, and Kew-balmy. Looking for hotels that let pets stay? If you want a great stay, check out the Pantages Hotel Toronto Center or the Omni King Edward Hotel.

4) The Netherlands, Amsterdam:

Your dog can ride any type of public transportation to see how beautiful this city is. Other types of bikes are called “bakfiets,” and they have a special carrier that lets you take your dog with you around town.

There are many parks in the city that allow pets. The beautiful Beatrix-Park is one of the most well-known. The small Toren Hotel is in the middle of everything and promises you and your dog a comfortable stay.

5) New York City, USA

This city is full of pet-friendly hotels that offer grooming services and food menus that are good for dogs. Your dog will love it there. All subway trains, buses, and commuter rail lines let dogs and cats on board as long as they are in a carrier. A lot of nice restaurants and coffee shops let dogs come inside and relax on the patios.

The city is also known for its dog parks where dogs can run around freely without leashes. You only need to fill out a few forms about your pet to make sure it follows the rules of the city or country you want to visit, and you’ll be good to go. Good luck!

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