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7 common signs of too much sugar in your body

7 common signs of too much sugar in your body
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10 common signs of too much sugar in your body : You’ve probably had a sugar high and the dreaded crash after eating certain foods.While a beloved snack may taste good, its health effects may not.According to Hartford HealthCare Medical Group primary care clinician and certified diabetes care and education specialist Katherine Masoud, APRN, eating too much sugar raises your risk of prediabetes, diabetes, and other chronic diseases.How do you know your body is full? Masoud lists seven danger flags.

10 common signs of too much sugar in your body

1.Weight gain.

  • “Sugary foods and drinks are often high in calories and low in nutritional value,” Masoud says.
  • Eating more empty calories than your burn leads to weight gain.
  • Being mindful of your sugar intake and limiting it will reduce your risk of weight gain.

2.Acne breakouts.

  • Sugary foods raise blood sugar, explains Masoud.
  • This causes inflammation and sebum production.
  • s and irritation can cause breakouts.

3.Reaching for multiple snacks.

  • Our bodies quickly break down sugary foods and drinks, so we don’t feel full, Masoud explains.
  • Reaching for another sugary snack is no coincidence.

4.Mood swings and irritability.

  • Studies suggest that high-sugar diets can increase the risk of mood disorders like anxiety and depression.

5.Lack of energy.

  • While you may get an initial burst of energy after eating sugar, the aftermath lasts much longer,” Masoud says.
  • If you regularly feel fatigued, the soda you drank earlier might be the culprit.

6.Craving more sugar.

  • Consuming sugar triggers our reward circuit. “Sugar raises blood sugar, which our bodies regulate with insulin.
  • Insulin often lowers blood sugar too low, causing weariness, irritation, and hunger, Masoud says.
  • We naturally crave more sugar to feel energized, which becomes a vicious cycle.

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7.Tossing and turning at night.

  • Dietary health promotes sleep.
  • A sugary diet can cause restlessness and disrupt sleep,” Masoud explains.
  • Insufficient sleep often breeds cravings.”

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