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7 Ways to Protect Your Garden from Rabbits

7 Ways to Protect Your Garden from Rabbits
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7 Ways to Protect Your Garden from Rabbits :No matter how cute they are or how much you liked Peter Rabbit as a kid, rabbits can be a problem to farmers and gardeners. If rabbits are abundant in your area, safeguarding your garden and letting them thrive without human intervention may seem impossible.Your garden can be rabbit-proof in various sustainable ways.

7 Ways to Protect Your Garden from Rabbits

1.Place a Rabbit Fence

  • A rabbit fence is the greatest long-term way to keep rabbits off your property.
  • To prevent rabbits from tunneling under it, it should be made of heavy-duty galvanized steel mesh at least 4 feet tall with the bottom foot sunk below ground level and the bottom 6 inches twisted outwards.
  • Mesh should be under 3 inches.

2.Protect Garden Beds

  • To protect entire garden beds, place chicken netting over favorite rabbit foods.
  • But remember that rabbits are consummate diggers.
  • Bury hardware cloth around the base of your garden beds to prevent rabbits from burrowing under the chicken netting.

3.Surround Young Trees and Shrubs

  • You can protect your young trees and shrubs with a half-inch mesh hardware cloth or 1-inch chicken netting.
  • Form the hardware cloth or chicken netting into a cylinder and force it into the ground to hold it upright.

4.Set Up Repellents

  • Putrescent whole-egg solid repellents inhibit rabbit browsing. However, rotting organic materials may attract other pests.
  • Instead, scatter a pouch or spray a liquid mix of garlic, red pepper, strong-smelling soap, or other strong aromas around your garden or near tree and shrub bases.
  • Remember that you and your neighbors may smell the repellant.

5.Remove Potential Hiding Places

  • Rabbits dislike predator-prone areas.
  • Reduce nesting and hiding locations by cleaning brush, weeds, rocks, and other debris.
  • Open space around your garden provides some protection.

6.Create Disturbances

  • Rabbits are habitual, thus novelty is dangerous. Create innocuous distractions with unusual sounds or sights to deter them.
  • Motion-activated sprayers or low-maintenance solar-powered LED lights flashing or blinking on a timer can scare rabbits away from your yard.
  • If it’s windy, garden ornaments, wind chimes, spinning pinwheels, and pie tin or aluminum can mobiles can dissuade rabbits.

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7.Grow Food That Rabbits Don’t Eat

  • The sensitive shoots of seedlings, particularly young trees and shrubs, are very appealing to rabbits.
  • Grow what they don’t consume. Rabbits will return to a good food source till it’s gone.
  • Removing temptations early in spring can prevent habits.
  • Rabbits adore beans, carrots, lettuce, parsley, peas, and spinach, but they avoid fluffy leaves, milky sap, thorns, strong odors, and nightshade family members due to their toxicity.
  • However, famished rabbits will eat anything.

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