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Cleaning Tip to Prevent Brown Recluse Spiders in Your Home

Cleaning Tip to Prevent Brown Recluse Spiders in Your Home


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Cleaning Tip to Prevent Brown Recluse Spiders in Your Home :The brown recluse is named for its ability to lurk in dark places of your home and yard, making it difficult to eradicate. How to eliminate brown recluse spiders? Cleaning, harsh perfumes, and insecticides can deter them.However, brown recluse spider bites can cause serious wounds, so a professional exterminator may be recommended.

Cleaning Tip to Prevent Brown Recluse Spiders in Your Home

1.How to Identify a Brown Recluse Spider

  • How brown recluse spiders look: Loxosceles reclusa are roughly the size of a quarter and appear in various brown colors.
  • Some nickname them “fiddleback spiders” because of their violin-shaped markings.
  • Many confuse them with wolf spiders.Brown recluse spiders live throughout the South, Midwest, and elsewhere in the US.
  • They hunt flies and mosquitoes at night and can go months without sustenance.

2.How to Kill Brown Recluse Spiders in Your House

  • Brown recluse spiders might stay in your home for food and comfort.
  • Removing them requires coordinated pest management.
  • Your plan should include eliminating nuisance insects, which spiders eat.
  • Several items will deter insects from entering your home.

3.How to Get Rid of Brown Recluse Spiders Naturally

  • If you loathe the idea of spraying chemicals in your home, check out these methods that get rid of brown recluse spiders naturally.


  • Corners and baseboards
  • Bed skirts
  • Underneath furniture
  • Cabinets (and look on top, too)
  • Closets
  • Near the furnace and water heater
  • Behind the toilet and tub
  • Under exposed stairs (basement or attic stairs)

5.A Vinegar-Based Spray

  • On contact, vinegar—including apple cider vinegar—kills brown recluse spiders and other spiders.
  • If you corner the spider and spray it with a 1-to-1 vinegar-water mix, the acidity will kill it.

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6.Strong Scents and Essential Oils  

  • A spider spray can be readily made at home. Be careful not to spray essential oils in pet-accessible areas.
  • Essential oils can harm pets if they consume them or get them on their coat or paws, according to the ASPCA.

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