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Do I Need to Water My Real Flocked Christmas Tree?

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Do I Need to Water My Real Flocked Christmas Tree
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Do I Need to Water My Real Flocked Christmas Tree?:- That said, once you’ve decided to decorate with a flocked Christmas tree, you’re definitely on your way to a white Christmas. Enjoy your Christmas decor safely with these tips for flocked tree care.

Do I Need to Water My Real Flocked Christmas Tree?

Styling a tree with a flock of birds

  • A genuine, flocked tree can be obtained in two different ways.
  • One option is to bring a standard tree into your home and flock it yourself; for more information on how to flock a tree yourself, see the following.
  • On the other hand, Christmas tree farms and garden centers occasionally sell trees that have already been pre-flocked.
  • Regardless of the circumstances, after the Christmas tree has been positioned in your living room, the conventional principles for decorating a Christmas tree will kick in.
  • While you are decorating the tree, it is a good idea to have a drop cloth installed underneath it so that you can collect any needles or flocking material that may fall.
  • When you are hanging ornaments, you should make an effort to handle the branches as little as possible.
  • Also, make sure that the tree is at least a few feet away from any fires, radiators, or candles that are in the room.
  • Even while some flocking materials are fire retardant, trees that have been flocked can still catch fire if they are subjected to the kinds of heat sources that are described above.

Taking care of a tree that is covered in flowers

  • During the process of configuring a flocked Christmas tree in your home, there are two primary considerations that you should bear in mind. Water comes in first place.
  • You may have heard that flocking helps to retain moisture, which in turn slows down the drying process and extends the lifespan of your tree. As a result, a tree that has been flocked does not require a significant amount of water or any water at all.
  • In point of fact, genuine trees that are heavily flocked should always be provided with a consistent supply of water.
  • It is possible that the flocking spray will not completely seal the branches, which means that trees will continue to lose water through their needles.
  • Additionally, a tree that has been adorned with soap flakes or a little dusting of flocking powder will not retain moisture in the same way that a tree that has been severely sprayed can.
  • The tree’s potential for catching fire is increased when it is allowed to dry out.
  • You should thus check the water reservoir in your tree stand on a daily basis, just like you would with any actual tree, and add additional water when the water level in the reservoir gets low.
  • An additional factor to take into account is the well-being of any children or animals who reside in your house or that may come to visit during the holiday season.
  • It is difficult to determine how harmful it would be for a pet or an inquisitive child to eat the “snow” off of your tree because different tree flocking products are comprised of different substances.
  • However, it is evident that you do not want to experiment with this situation.
  • If you are concerned, you might want to think about constructing a barrier around the tree.

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Do I Need to Water My Real Flocked Christmas Tree?

Do I Need to Water My Real Flocked Christmas Tree?

Removal of a tree that has been flocked

  • Following the conclusion of the holiday season, a number of towns will collect the actual Christmas trees that residents have brought in for disposal. Real trees are eco-friendly and can be converted into mulch or compost, as well as utilized in a variety of other environmentally responsible settings.
  • However, the chemicals that are included in flocking powders and flocking sprays would contaminate the recycled trees.
  • As a result, your town might not take your tree, even if you merely adorned it with soap flakes and water.
  • The employees who are in charge of collection have no way of knowing what ingredients were utilized to generate the artificial snow that was placed on a genuine tree.
  • Checking with the town or city agency that is in charge of waste disposal, on the other hand, is certainly not going to be harmful.
  • In the event that staff from waste management refuse to remove your flocked tree, you will be required to devise a method of transporting it to the landfill.
  • Depending on the circumstances, you could need to hire a service to remove it for you, or you might have to cut the tree into smaller pieces that you can transport to the landfill on your own. (It is important to disclose that the effort you put into getting rid of your actual Christmas tree this year may cause you to switch to using a synthetic Christmas tree the next year!)

Even if you are celebrating Christmas in the desert, decorating with a flocked tree may be a festive way to bring some snow home this holiday season. As long as you are prepared for a little bit of extra mess and the obstacles that come with disposal, you can make it a festive way to bring some snow inside!

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