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How to Store a Christmas Tree Once the Holidays Are Over

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How to Store a Christmas Tree Once the Holidays Are Over
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How to Store a Christmas Tree Once the Holidays Are Over:- Buying an artificial tree has benefits. It costs more upfront than a live tree, but it saves money over time. No watering or sweeping up fallen needles is needed for faux trees. They also pose fewer risks than true evergreens. A powerful fir-scented Christmas candle (away from the branches) can mimic a real tree’s fragrance.

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How to Store a Christmas Tree Once the Holidays Are Over

1. Take the Trimmings Off the Tree

  • While not as joyful as Christmas tree decorating, putting away decorations is like unpacking after a trip: it must be done. To know where to put your ornaments, lights, garland, and topper after the tree comes down, plan a storage space. Remove any tinsel and ribbon from trees.

2.Brush the Branches

  • Cleaning a Christmas tree before storing it is ideal. Here, debris doesn’t have time to adhere over the year. Jennifer Derry, Balsam Hill’s chief marketing officer, suggests two methods depending on whether your tree is pre-lit. Use a clean, dry towel to wipe pre-lit tree branches.
  • Start at the top and softly circle the light bulbs, she says. Unlit trees can be vacuumed with the upholstery bristle brush or crevice attachment. First, try a part at the tree’s base to see if it can clean the branches without damage.”

3.Choose Your Storage Method

  • “To retain the beauty of your artificial Christmas tree and prevent damage during storage, store all tree sections properly and out of the way in a cool, dry place,” explains Derry. The type, size, and area of your tree will determine how you keep it.
  • Many artificial trees have many components that interlock via a center rod and may be disassembled and stored compactly. Derry says to demolish the tree as instructed. You might store the tree upright in the basement if you have enough space.

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How to Store a Christmas Tree Once the Holidays Are Over

How to Store a Christmas Tree Once the Holidays Are Over

Upright Storage

  • If you have room to store a tree year-round, an upright storage bag is ideal. A decent upright bag costs more than a horizontal one, but it makes putting the tree up each year easier.
  • Start at the top of the tree and zip the bag around it to protect it after removing the decorations and cleaning the branches.
  • The bag can then be stored vertically in its original stand. This is ideal for flocked trees to retain the delicate powder. Throughout the year, keep it away from curious kids and dogs.

Tree Bags

  • This is a popular Christmas tree storage solution because it compacts the tree and saves space. Most rectangular bags include handles or wheels for easy movement.
  • The material isn’t important, although a waterproof or moisture-resistant one is better.
  • Storage in the cardboard box is not ideal because the purpose is to protect the tree from the elements. Water, heat, and vermin can seep in too easily.
  • If maintained in a cold, dry closet or basement, a decent zippered bag will extend your tree’s life.

Plastic Wrap

  • Flocked trees benefit from plastic wrap. Even if you miss this step, Derry suggests “compress all branches carefully and ensure that there are no unnecessary strains on the branches and lights” before bagging.
  • She suggests “tie a ribbon or cord around the section to secure the branches” to make the tree or its parts simpler to manage.
  • When pressed for one last recommendation, Derry suggests storing the tree with baking soda or coffee grounds to prevent musty smells until next Christmas.

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