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Erika Jayne Jabs Denise Richards Over Mother-Daughter OnlyFans

Erika Jayne Jabs Denise Richards Over Mother-Daughter OnlyFans

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Erika Jayne Jabs Denise Richards Over Mother-Daughter OnlyFans

Erika Jayne Jabs Denise Richards Over Mother-Daughter OnlyFans
Erika Jayne Jabs Denise Richards Over Mother-Daughter OnlyFans

It was certain to come up after her RHOBH return and Sami Sheen’s breast augmentation.OnlyFans collabs by Denise Richards and her daughter are notorious.Though not what it sounds like, several Real Housewives have expressed their disgust.Denise is responding to critics.Denise Richards and her then-18-year-old daughter Sami Sheen seem beautiful in this 2022 snapshot. Photos from Instagram

An inside source told The Daily Mail that Denise Richards’ RHOBH castmates are “disturbed” by her “offensive” collaborations.Both women use adult media subscription OnlyFans. Sami, 19, joined first. Denise emulated her.

Many OnlyFans creators post explicit sexual content, and “collabs” involve two, three, or more artists having sex.While wearing an oversized OnlyFans tee, Sami Sheen sits.Sami Sheen celebrated his first year as OnlyFans founder in June 2023. Photos from Instagram

Perhaps we don’t need to clarify that Denise and Sami’s collaborations aren’t.We have not subscribed to each OnlyFans page, but it seems like a paid Instagram Live minus IG’s terrible design.

Both ladies use Instagram like a racier Instagram, even though Sami hopes to expose more of her body after surgery. To clarify, fine.A screenshot of Denise Richards broadcasting from home in a pink blouse.

Denise Richards prepared to battle in this heated RHOBH reunion special. Photo: BravoDenise’s rep is calling out any Housewives who said that.“Sami is an adult and has her own Only Fans account,” the spokesman said. OnlyFans verifies your age before letting you create.

The spokesman continued, “She is aware of all content posted.” We should hope so? (What before “she”?)Sami Sheen wears a tiny white shirt and faces the camera.Sami Sheen posted her breast augmentation photos on Instagram in December 2023. Photos from Instagram

“RHOBH ladies shouldn’t waste their precious time being concerned,” the spokesman advised.“And if they find it offensive, then they shouldn’t go on OnlyFans,” they advised.That’s fantastic advice for everyone. Unless someone is harmed—which OnlyFans bans even for consenting creators—why are people so uneasy about it?

Denise Richards made a good argument on RHOBH Season 10. She was famous before reality TV. Photo: BravoThe initial source indicated Denise was “using her daughter as a prop.”This reportedly “upset the women around her — not only the RHOBH cast — but also those who know her in Beverly Hills circles.”

“She is basically pimping out her daughter Sami and it is disturbing,” the person said.Sami Sheen poses in a retail aisle wearing a white crop top and low-ride trousers.Sami Sheen shows off her crop top and breast augmentation surgery to prove low-ride jeans are returning. Photos from Instagram

“A mother should never do explicit content with their child,” the insider said. “Highly inappropriate and completely offensive.”Right. However, it is not happening. We believe Denise and Sami are not creating explicit content alone.

“The women on the cast are really put off by this and she knows this,” the source said. “They will give her too.”Crystal Kung Minkoff, Denise Richards, and Sutton Stracke react differently. Photo: Bravo

The initial complaint accused Denise of being “not OK right now” during her RHOBH episode.“Her cameo was an invite to a two-episode weed party,” Denise’s spokesman replied. “The ladies should worry about their behavior.”Denise’s detractors have one point she’s trying to avoid through her PR.

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