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Top ‘Hot Ones’ Episodes on Netflix Binge Watching

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Top 'Hot Ones' Episodes on Netflix Binge Watching
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Top ‘Hot Ones’ Episodes on Netflix Binge Watching :-“Hot Ones: the show with hot questions and hotter wings.” First We Feast’s greatest online interview series has this motto. Hot Ones is a unique and diabolical interview show that has become a web series icon. Episodes are usually funny, and host Sean Evans’ interviewing skills are unrivaled.

Top ‘Hot Ones’ Episodes on Netflix Binge Watching

  • Evans grills his guests with deep-dive questions as they devour spicy hot wings.
  • As Scovilles mount and interview questions grow, visitors (save Lorde) usually breakdown in a hilarious way.
  • I wouldn’t wish the Hot Ones spice challenge on myself or anybody I care about, but it’s an interesting concept I love coming back to.
  • Seeing your favorite celebrities be themselves in an interview while eating tons of spice is wonderful.
  • I chose a handful of Hot Ones’ 400 episodes to give you a laugh this week if you’re new or missed some of the greatest.
  • Check out our favorites below and stay tuned for more amazing celebrity visitors this year!

Amelia Dimoldenberg

  • We can’t get enough of Chicken Shop Date host Amelia Dimoldenberg on Hot Ones this week!
  • Sean labels her his “chicken-fueled talk show host, sister in arms” right away, which made me pause.
  • They discuss her red carpet interviews, unusual props, and guest interactions.
  • Amelia uses a handheld fan to cool her tongue in her trademark turmoil, but she performs well compared to her previous tears and freakouts!

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Top 'Hot Ones' Episodes on Netflix Binge Watching

Top ‘Hot Ones’ Episodes on Netflix Binge Watching


  • Justin Timberlake, Chris Kirkpatrick, JC Chasez, Lance Bass, and Joey Fatone, AKA *NSYNC, accepted the Hot Ones challenge and broke the record for most wings on the table before eating.
  • This episode covers the development of their new single, “Better Place,” being in a boyband (now a manband), strange fan experiences, and Star Wars casting rumors.
  • Sean and the boys struggle comically through the remaining spicy sauces, but the crew answers all queries.
  • You can’t miss this historic Hot Ones episode, whether you were a *NSYNC fan or caught the tail end of their Y2K run.

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