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Experts Test the 6 Best Solar Christmas Lights for 2023

Experts Test the 6 Best Solar Christmas Lights for 2023


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Experts Test the 6 Best Solar Christmas Lights for 2023:- There’s no doubt that a house lit up with Christmas lights is beautiful to look at, but the electric bill that comes with the daily light show can be annoying. You can put a solar panel in your yard or a sunny spot in your home to collect energy during the day.

At night, the lights will stay on without any extra electricity being used. This will save you money and energy, as well as the trouble of dealing with long extension cords or finding an outlet outside. We put nine of the most popular solar Christmas lights through their paces in our Lab at the Good Housekeeping Institute to find the best and brightest ones for decorating your home.

Experts Test the 6 Best Solar Christmas Lights for 2023

Dazzle Bright 2-Pack Solar String Lights

  • Because it is so bright and lively, the Dazzle Bright string light set won our test. It comes with two sets of string LED lights and two solar panels that can be moved around and staked into the ground.
  • Each string has 120 different colored lights on a bendable copper wire that lets you make any shape you want. The clear string made the lights stand out more, which is why we really like this set.
  • The controls are on the back of the solar screen, which is very handy. The mode button changes the lights to eight different styles, such as steady on, flashing, waving, and more. To get a charge, our head tester said it’s important to remember to leave the panel on during the day.
  • The lights will turn on and off by themselves based on how much light they sense, so make sure the solar panel with the light sensor is in direct sunlight. It might be hard to change the bulb if one of the lights breaks.

Joomer Solar Christmas Lights 2 Pack

  • Joomer lights charge in 6–8 hours. If you want to go big, you may get these lights in 72 feet with 200 LEDs, 39 feet with 100 LEDs, or 105 feet with 300 LEDs.
  • Each light system features a ground stake and solar panel. Solar panels have light settings on the back. The solar panel charges when turned on. When it gets dark, a sensor turns on the lights quickly.
  • Choose from eight flashing lighting modes to achieve your desired effect. The pros like that it remembers what mode you put it off in and returns to that mode when you turn it on. These lights functioned well in our lab tests, however several consumers complained that they weren’t bright enough. Our best pick is brighter.

Lalapao Solar String Lights

  • These Lalapao lights were a hit in our lab since they are bright, resistant to bulb breakage, and have eight lighting settings. You can decorate for the 4th of July with solid, multicolored, or red, white, and blue ones.
  • They cover any large lighting project at 72 feet long and come in a two-pack for more ambitious ideas. Their length makes them unsuitable for interior use unless you have a huge residence.
  • These can last 10+ hours when completely charged, according to the brand. We tested and it took an hour of sunlight to turn on the lights. The auto-on feature turns the lights on when we turn off the sun in our test. The lights are IP65-rated for water and dirt resistance.

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Experts Test the 6 Best Solar Christmas Lights for 2023
Experts Test the 6 Best Solar Christmas Lights for 2023

Brigh town Solar Christmas Snow flake String Lights

  • A snowflake-covered mansion exudes holiday happiness. Brightown’s solar-powered string lights come in three colors (pure white, warm white, and multicolor) and multiple lengths to illuminate your desired region.
  • Although we wish all colors came in different lengths, consider how much space you’ll need to cover before choosing a hue.
  • We didn’t test this model in-Lab, but we’ve praised other Brightown lights for their IP65 rating and unusual forms. The ambience-based auto-light feature that turns lights on and off based on daylight was nice. The eight light strobe modes are also great.

Brigh town Outdoor Solar String Lights

  • These Brightown LED string lights are a one-stop shop for décor, available in solid or multicolor. Its 33-foot length and 100 bulbs make it excellent for modest projects like around doorways rather than fences or landscaping. Brightown claims the lights may last 10 hours after 4–6 hours of sunshine charging.
  • They should withstand dirt and water with an IP65 rating. As long as there is sunlight to charge it, these should function even in the rain or snow, just make sure your solar panels aren’t covered.
  • Like our top option, it offers eight modes that may be switched with a button on the solar panel’s rear. Your lights will switch on at night thanks to the solar panel’s light sensor. These lights were straightforward to use and brilliant once charged in our tests.

Vmanoo Solar Outdoor String Christmas Lights

  • These outdoor string lights have 200 LEDs on a 72-foot cord. You can easily wrap it around trees and fences. Solid-color or multicolored lights are available. The solar panel has a ground anchor for stability.
  • The 6-foot lead cable between the first LED light and the solar panel lets you hide the solar panel in your design.The solar panel’s back has the light and mode-changing buttons. The lights glitter in eight modes, like others on this list.

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