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How to Make a Christmas Tree Last Longer

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How to Make a Christmas Tree Last Longer
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How to Make a Christmas Tree Last Longer:- More and more people are opting for fake Christmas trees because there are so many beautiful options. If you’re like me and can’t get enough of a genuine Christmas tree—with its fragrant needles and twinkling lights—then maybe you should learn how to keep it for a longer period of time.

If you want your Christmas tree to stay fresher for longer, we talked to an expert. If you want your Christmas decorations to last until the new year, be sure to follow our important tips for keeping your live tree alive.

How to Make a Christmas Tree Last Longer

1. Consider a Fir Tree

  • Before finding your tree, learn about Christmas tree varieties. “Based on their physiology, firs hold their needles longer than pine, and pines hold them longer than spruce,” Emmerich says.
  • He says “Most fresh-cut trees on the market are firs, but cut-your-own farms still have pine and spruce.” Each species has distinct traits. “With pine and spruce, make sure the tree is drinking water before decorating,” he says.

2.Choose the Freshest Tree (Or Cut Your Own)

  • Remember that your Christmas tree is a living plant (unless you choose an artificial or alternative one). “The shorter the time between cutting and display, the more likely your tree stays fresh and loses fewer needles,” adds Emmerich.

Freshly Cut Trees

  • Ask the tree’s age when buying a cut tree. If the answer is more than a week, return when the next tree shipment arrives because a cut tree will survive less in your house the longer it remains in the lot.

Your Own Farms

  • Cutting down your own tree from a local farm is the greatest way to ensure its longevity. This reduces the period between trimming and watering the tree. You can pick when to cut down a tree, such as after two hard frosts when it’s dormant.

3. Get Your Tree Into Water as Quickly as Possible

  • The severed tree trunk must be submerged in water immediately. “Trees ‘drink’ water through the conductive tissue (called the xylem) just inside the bark,” Emmerich says, so submerging a cut tree in water keeps its trunk and needles fresh.
  • Make preparations for your fresh-cut tree before leaving for the tree farm or lot. Fill a large, durable bucket of water in a safe, unheated area like a garage to water your tree when you arrive home.
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How to Make a Christmas Tree Last Longer

How to Make a Christmas Tree Last Longer

4. Make a Fresh Cut

  • As trees are transported and time passes from cutting to displaying, the xylem sap hardens and blocks water flow to the needles, Emmerich says. Trimming your tree’s trunk clears congested tissue at its vascular base. Before displaying, trim the trunk base to maximize water absorption.
  • You may need to cut the trunk more than once depending on the tree. Emmerich thinks certain trees may need more encouragement to drink from the stand. “If a tree hasn’t consumed any water after a day after a fresh cut, take it down and cut it again,” he advises. He recommends decorating the tree a day or two after putting it in its stand.

5. Place Your Tree in a Cool Location

  • Choose the ideal spot for your tree once it’s home. Displaying a live Christmas tree near a fireplace or wood-burning stove produces a warm, pleasant atmosphere, but it quickly dries out and could catch fire.
  • “Place your tree in an area where it will not be subject to direct heat radiation,” Emmerich advises, including sunshine. “The cooler the environment, the fresher the tree.”

6. Decorate with LED

  • Some of us appreciate the romantic glow of incandescent Christmas tree lights. Maybe the strings are heirlooms. Incandescent holiday lights are fine, but they can dry out your tree.
  • LED Christmas lights don’t emit heat and last longer. LEDs are safer, more dependable, and last longer but cost more.

7.Use a humidifier

  • Though optional, keeping a humidifier in the room with your Christmas tree can extend its lifespan. Of course there are Christmas tree humidifiers, but your cold humidifier will work just fine.
  • Instead of a humidifier, keep a spray bottle of water handy and spray your tree anytime you think of it.

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