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Sam Tells Citra He Might Go to Jail on 90 Day Fiance (Recap)

Sam and Citra Reunite on 90 Day Fiance! (Recap)
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Sam Tells Citra He Might Go to Jail on 90 Day Fiance (Recap)

Sam and Citra Reunite on 90 Day Fiance! (Recap)

Sam and Citra Reunite on 90 Day Fiance! (Recap)

After much waiting, Sam and Citra are engaged and planning to marry soon.Sam admits something in 90 Day Fiance Season 10, Episode 11.He may go to prison. He should have told her sooner.

Citra and Sam Wilson

Their reunion leads them on a long drive back to Sam’s father and brother’s house. Citra recognizes as they go how different the terrain here is from what most people—outside of the US but possibly also within—imagine when they come to America.

The horror
Citra is not the only 90 Day Fiance actress to equate rural America to horror films. Many horror films are set in sparsely populated locations because they create terror. Citra doesn’t sound scared. She’s picturing abandoned barns going apart behind trees and thinking of scary movies.When she arrives at Sam’s home, she notices his bedroom is unclean. Sam seems to have tried. Without meaning to seem mean, one wonders what life was like before. Some clutter is due to space and money constraints. However, Sam is not a neat freak. Putting it that way.

Citra meets Sam’s dad at last!

The two are excited to finally meet! Sam describes his dad as an alien believer, which is true. He apparently thinks aliens explain many religious stories, especially the bible. Unfortunately, he believes in “ancient aliens”. We’re not talking about Sam, but the idea that early humans needed extraterrestrial help to build anything has racist overtones.

Sam will sleep in Tim’s room.

“I don’t want to teach her sin,” Sam half-jokes around explaining that he and his brother will share this modest bed. Since Sam and Citra will sleep in separate rooms, they won’t be suspicious. Tim’s room is relatively clean. Our sportsball bedspread was hilarious.Sam made a significant preparation for Citra’s arrival. He added a bidet. Thus, bidets are more common abroad than in the US for numerous reasons. American plumbing normally handles toilet paper. In certain places, toilet paper meant filling a filthy pail. However, many Americans like bidets.

Citra says Sam will convert.

Sam must convert to Islam for Citra’s family to approve the marriage. When her father arrives, the guys will travel to a mosque for Sam to pray and convert. Sam seems to consider this as a technicality. Citra’s family probably wants more honesty and empathy.

Sam’s “horny level” is discussed.

No big deal. He’s excited to sleep with his soulmate. Though they must marry, he is still interested. Sam may quip that Citra is the “naughty” one.

Past time to clean the automobile.

Sam’s automobile stinks worse than his bedroom. Sam’s recovery from a tragically young addiction is inspiring. Oh, this car will give us nightmares. We don’t know how this mess happens. Sam is finally cleaning his automobile after decades.

He starts outside.

Sam and Citra wash the car. Lovely tiny light show. Interiors are the actual job. Cleaning the chairs and floors and throwing away hoarded trash will lead to a sensitive topic: Sam’s diversion program.

Confession time

Sam acknowledges that he may not receive the judge’s diversion after it arises spontaneously. Prosecutors may give him probation or jail time. Keep in mind that his life was upended because his legal prescription drug was unlabeled. Our legal system is vicious and flawed.

Citra is unfairly treated.

Most importantly, this could affect their future together. Second, Sam didn’t notify her or her (overbearing) father about this tragic twist. This will anger her father. Fairly, Citra doesn’t sound thrilled. What will she do if Sam is imprisoned for Label Crimes?

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