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The Tradition Behind The Chrismon Tree

The Tradition Behind The Chrismon Tree


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The Tradition Behind The Chrismon Tree:- There is a wide variety of Christmas trees made. They may have tinsel, glass icicles hanging from their limbs, or even a pickle hidden among them. Regardless of where you are in the United States—in Virginia, Georgia, Florida, or Texas—there is one constant: every Christmas tree has significance.

Southerners aren’t afraid to embrace tradition, especially when it represents more than meets the eye. This can be seen in the form of inherited ornaments that have stories to tell or unique decorating skills passed down from generation to generation.

The Tradition Behind The Chrismon Tree

History of the Chrismon Tree

  • A combination of “Christ” and “monogram,” the term “chrismon” means “symbols of Christ.” There have been periods in history when Christians have been persecuted for practicing their faith openly.
  • The Christian community used these symbols to subtly display its religion. As an illustration, a fish-shaped emblem may be employed in a subterranean passageway to indicate the direction of a house of worship or to simply indicate that one was in the company of friends.

Making Chrismon Tree Ornaments

  • Even if you may discover pre-made Chrismon tree ornaments on sites like Etsy and Amazon, the majority of the ornaments on these trees are handcrafted.
  • It appears that part of the charm of the tradition is the effort put into choosing the symbols and making the decorations.
  • Participation can be a selfless act of love that helps others get ready for Christmas and the birth of Christ.

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The Tradition Behind The Chrismon Tree
The Tradition Behind The Chrismon Tree

Why White and Gold Are the Traditional Colors for Chrismon Ornaments

  • Whether it’s the symbols on the ornaments or the colors they choose, every part of the Chrismon tree is important. Usually, chrysanthemum trees are adorned with only white and gold foliage.
  • While gold denotes the Lord’s majesty and splendor, white represents His holiness and innocence.
  • White lights on the tree represent Christ’s illuminating presence in the world, while evergreens represent the gift of eternal life that we get as a result of his atoning sacrifice.

Chrismon Tree Ornament Symbols

  • Because they are symbols of God’s gift of Jesus Christ, each Chrismon tree ornament has great meaning for the family.

Popular Chrismon Tree Symbols

  • The star Chrismon comes in many forms, and each one has its own significance. Among these are the Natal Star Cross, which has eight points, and the five-pointed star, which represents Jesus’ five wounds, as well as the star of Bethlehem and the four gospels of the New Testament.
  • The Holy Spirit, the Son, and the Father form a triangle.
  • On Chrismon trees, you can find a broad variety of crosses.
  • Some examples of crosses are the anchor cross, the Fleur-de-Lis cross, the Celtic cross, the Jerusalem cross, and the Latin cross; each of these crosses, like the stars themselves, has its own unique symbolism.
  • The Holy Spirit is traditionally represented by the dove.
  • Jesus Christ, the sacrificial lamb of God, is represented by a lamb.
  • In the early days of Christian identification, a fish served as a secret emblem that pointed to houses of worship.

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