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What is play growl? Is it normal for a dog to growl during play

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What is play growl Is it normal for a dog to growl during play 
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What is play growl? Is it normal for a dog to growl during play: Fun-loving dogs growl when they play! Even people get loud at parties and sports games cheering for their team. A tug toy game or chase may do it for your dog. Play growling expresses excitement, not anger.

What is play growl? Is it normal for a dog to growl during play?

A growl doesn’t always mean a fight:

  • A dog’s play growl is seen as excitement, not a threat to back off.
  • Humans may not distinguish between a dog’s angry rumble and a play growl.

How to spot play growls?

  • A dog can easily distinguish a play from a warning growl. Humans can interpret your dog’s growl by looking for more obvious signs.
  • Pet body language will reveal whether your dog is happy or angry. You should back off if the tail is stiff or vertical. Your dog’s back hackles are another sign.

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A 2010 Journal of Animal Behaviour study found that dogs interpret play growls differently than warning growls. The average ear may not notice this difference. Researchers electronically analysed dogs’ play growls, howls at strangers, and bone-protecting growls.

This study found play growls higher and shorter than warning growls. Researchers say the three growls represent three dog emotions: Play growls indicate happiness, growling at a stranger indicates fear, and protecting the bone indicates aggression.

Keep an eye on your dog while you wrestle, chase, or tug of war. These hunting and attacking games may make dogs predatory. Thus, a brief break is advised during such activities. Before playing again, have the dog sit or lie down.

If a dog’s growling deepens, stop roughhousing. After putting away the toy, the human must ask the dog to ‘sit’ or ‘lie down’ and calm it down. This will prevent play from becoming aggressive. The game can resume when the pet calms down.

Grounding the dog between games is crucial. A tucked tail, dog licking its lips, and averted eyes indicate fear aggression in dogs.

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