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Why do dogs bury things - Know Reasons

Why do dogs bury things – Know Reasons


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Why do dogs bury things – Know Reasons: Dogs bury things for instinct, security, anxiety, and boredom. Read on to discover the 7 reasons dogs bury things and how to stop them. Ever seen your dog bury things? The most common strange dog behavior is burying things. You may have wondered, “Why do dogs like to bury things?” as your dog bury bones and food.

Dogs often bury things for instinct, security, boredom, or attention. Burying things isn’t bad, but constant digging can damage your yard and harm your dog. Knowing why dogs bury things helps you stop this strange behavior before it worsens.

This article explains why dogs bury bones, food, toys, and other items. Learn how to stop your dog from burying things and more about this stereotypical dog behavior below.

Why do dogs bury things – Know Reasons

5 Reasons Dogs Bury Things

But why do dogs bury things? There are several reasons your dog may bury his bone. Dogs often bury their favorite items for these reasons:

1. Feeling

  • Dogs often bury items out of instinct.1 This suggests that dogs may be bred to bury their favorite items and simply like to do so out of context.
  • Dogs often bury bones and food, but they may also bury your shoes. If your dog frequently buries items, you may need to watch them to avoid losing your favorite items.

2. Safeguard

  • Security is another reason dogs bury things. Dogs may bury their favorite items to avoid losing them.2 Alternatively, if they know another dog is nearby, they may bury their items to hide from them.
  • If your dog keeps digging up an item he or she buried, it may be burying it to protect it from others. Dogs often bury their favorite items for security.

3. Anxiety

  • Dogs can develop anxiety like people. Your dog may bury items due to anxiety.2 Dogs may bury things when anxious because they return to comfortable behaviors.
  • Dogs may bury items out of fear of losing them. Dogs may dig a hole and bury their favorite items to calm their anxiety.

4. Boredom

  • Are dogs bored? Yes, your dog may get bored and bury things. If your dog is bored, they may bury items in the yard or house.
  • If you’re not home often, your dog may bury things out of boredom. If your dog is alone while you’re away, they may bury things to pass the time.

5. Caching

  • Your dog may be caching if they bury things in your backyard. Dogs often bury bones, toys, and rawhide in the backyard. You may find multiple items in the same hole due to caching.
  • Lots of animals do this, not just dogs. Dogs store these items for later use. Wild animals do this with their food to survive winter. Your dog is storing those items for later use.

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