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Who Has Been Voted Off ‘Survivor 45’? A Full Rundown of All the Eliminations So Far

Who Has Been Voted Off ‘Survivor 45’? A Full Rundown of All the Eliminations So Far

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Who Has Been Voted Off ‘Survivor 45’? A Full Rundown of All the Eliminations So Far

Who Has Been Voted Off ‘Survivor 45’? A Full Rundown of All the Eliminations So Far
Who Has Been Voted Off ‘Survivor 45’? A Full Rundown of All the Eliminations So Far


‘Survivor’ is back for a milestone 45th season. Here’s who has been voted off so far this season.

The greatest television game, Survivor, is in its 45th season and showing no signs of slowing down. Starting with season 41, the CBS reality show started a “new era” with a new generation of noteworthy players competing for $1 million. Season 45 aired September 27 with seventeen new castaways and Bruce Perreault from season 44.
So far, the new Survivor season is insane. Survivor 45’s entire eviction list is below.

Hannah Rose

Hannah Rose was Survivor 45’s first elimination. Robert Voets/CBSSurvivor 45’s first elimination was Maryland’s 33-year-old therapist Hannah Rose. Hannah was not ousted. After three days of struggle, she quit at the first Tribal Council. After Lulu failed the immunity test, Emily Flippen was the most likely target. Hannah told her tribemates she was done with the game. After their approval, Jeff Probst extinguished Hannah’s light and she exited the game on day 3.

Brandon Donlon

‘Survivor 45’ ousted Brandon Donlon second. Robert Voets/CBS
New Jersey-based video developer Brandon Donlon, 26, was Survivor 45’s second elimination. Brandon failed every challenge before his day 5 vote-off. Even worse, Brandon lost his vote after failing a travel challenge. At the Lulu tribe’s second tribal council, Brandon was chosen over Emily to go home.

Sabiyah Broderick

Sabiyah Broderick was Survivor 45’s third elimination. Photo: CBS
Survivor 45’s third elimination was 28-year-old North Carolina truck driver Sabiyah Broderick. Emily Flippen and Kaleb Gebrewold voted Sabiyah out at Lulu’s third tribal council after Sabiyah tried to switch the vote on her buddy. Sabiyah did not vote in her elimination episode since she gave her Hidden Immunity Idol power for later in the game.

Sean Edwards

Sean Edwards was Survivor 45’s fourth elimination. Photo: CBS
Utah school principal Sean Edwards, 35, was the fourth Survivor 45 elimination. The tribal switch left Sean out of the Reba tribe, but the group contemplated blindsiding Sifu Alsup, giving him hope. Sean appeared secure in tribal council until he surprisingly requested a vote out. Sean said he fulfilled his Survivor goal and wanted to return home to his husband. The tribe majority voted Sean out as Sean requested.

Brando Meyer

Brando Meyer was Survivor 45’s fifth elimination. Photo: CBS
Washington software developer Brandon “Brando” Meyer, 23, was the fifth Survivor 45 elimination. He was ousted during his first tribal council. The tribal switch left Emily between two original Rebas (Austin Li Coon and Drew Basile) and two original Belos (Brando and Kendra McQuarrie). She sided with the Rebas and sent Brando home 3-2.

Maya, J.

J. Maya was Survivor 45’s sixth elimination. Photo: CBS
California musician J. Maya, 25, was Survivor 45’s sixth elimination. J. Maya wasn’t the original objective when the final 13 voted her out of “Mergatory”. Kaleb survived by playing the Shot in the Dark after all the votes went against him. Kaleb was the first Survivor to negate the most tribal council votes against one individual. J. Maya sought to target Emily during a castaway stampede. However, everyone agreed to fire J. Maya.

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