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Why Does A Dog Start To Pee In Its Owner’s Bed

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Why Does A Dog Start To Pee In Its Owner's Bed
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Why Does A Dog Start To Pee In Its Owner’s Bed: Your dog isn’t telling you that the bed is theirs. It’s more likely that they are adding their scent to a public area. The sheets are already very smelly from us, so it makes sense that dogs would want to add their own scent.

Marking is not the same as going to the bathroom, because your dog will only pee a little instead of emptying their bladder. Marking happens more often in dogs that are not neutered or spayed. Teenage dogs that like to test the rules may also pee on the bed.

Why Does A Dog Start To Pee In Its Owner’s Bed

Health Problems at Root

  • If your dog used to go to the bathroom outside every day but now pees on the bed, you need to make sure there aren’t any health problems going on.
  • For instance, a urinary tract infection is painful and makes you have to go to the bathroom a lot. Your dog will find it hard to hold their urine until they go outside.
  • Any change in how they use the bathroom could be caused by a health problem, so take them to the vet to rule out any health issues.

Worry or Stress

Your dog may also be peeing on the bed because he is upset. When your dog is scared, it will look for a safe place, like your bed. But that fear could lead to an accident. When your dog hears loud noises like fireworks, he or she might lose control of his or her bladder. They might also be too scared to get out of bed and go outside.

Another reason a dog might pee on the bed is separation anxiety. If your dog is upset when they are alone, they may have an accident in the house, and your bed could be one of those places. These mishaps are most likely to happen when you’re not at home. They may also happen when you’re getting ready to leave, since your dog knows they’ll be left alone for a while.

How to Get Your Dog Not to Pee on the Bed

After giving an answer to “Why do dogs pee on beds?” Stopping accidents is now the job at hand. Step one is to use an enzymatic urine cleaner to clean your sheets, comforter, and mattress really well. If your dog is marking or isn’t sure how to go to the bathroom outside, the smell of urine will make it want to do it again. If something smells like a toilet, your dog will think it is a toilet.

After the vet says your dog is healthy again, you can try potty training again. Keep an eye on your dog at all times to keep it from having accidents. When you know your dog needs to go to the bathroom, like after a meal, take them to their favorite spot. When your dog pees in the right place, praise them and give them tasty treats.

They will be much more likely to be responsible and only go to the bathroom in that one place. Lastly, don’t let your dog sleep on the bed while you work on the real problem, like potty training, building up your dog’s confidence if it’s anxious, or counter conditioning and desensitization for fears.

They should stay out of your bedroom until you know your bed is safe. You can use dog gates, an exercise pen, or a crate. Watch over your dog. Stop them calmly if you see them about to pee on the bed, and then take them right to the right place to go potty. If they do their business, give them a big reward.

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