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10 Rare Baby Names You will Completely Fall In Love With

10 Rare Baby Names You will Completely Fall In Love With


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10 Rare Baby Names You will Completely Fall In Love With :-Traditional baby names aren’t for everyone. Maybe you’re a free spirit or don’t want your child to share a name with other classmates when they start school. For some reason, you don’t want any stupid baby name. If you’re looking for a unique name, we’ve found some beautiful, unusual names, according to statistics.

Try these names if you want a beautiful nature-inspired name, a famous name, or a modern twist on an old classic. You could discover the ideal one for your child.

10 Rare Baby Names You will Completely Fall In Love With

1) Fauna

  • This nature-inspired name derives from the Roman fertility, women, and healing goddess.
  • The Latin name means “young deer.
  • ” Fauna’s popularity peaked in 1978 and subsequently fell until 2015, when it started to rise again.
  • Though more individuals are adopting it, this lovely, earthy name is still unusual.

2. Imara

  • The Kiswahili name Imara means “firm” or “strong.” Imara, an uncommon American girl’s name, is different from Audrey and Valerie, which signify strength or force.
  • Imara was an unusual baby name in 2018, with just 11 infants called Imara.

3. Gable

  • The German name Gable means “God is bright,” according to Baby Names.
  • The name may stem from the Ashkenazi word for a fork trader, “Gabel.” Gable has an old-fashioned vibe like Brando and Chaplin because they think of Clark Gable, the classic Hollywood actor.

4. Orla

  • Orla may appeal to old-fashioned baby name fans.
  • The name sounds like Twyla and Clara, but it’s even more rare in the US, with just 50 infants given it in 2021.
  • The name Orla derives from the Irish word Órlaith, meaning “golden ruler,” as stated in Behind the Name.
  • Irish royals often had this name, which boosts its popularity.

5. Zosia

  • Zosia is a diminutive of Zofia, a Polish name.
  • The unusual baby name Zosia means “wisdom,” and it has acquired some popularity since 2012. HBO’s “Girls,” starring Zosia Mamet, may have familiarized you with the name.

6. Addax

  • Nameberry lists Addax as a unique baby name for the Sahara Desert white antelope.
  • Addax is an uncommon, contemporary, gender-neutral name that is distinct from Maddox and Jax, making it ideal for parents seeking something unique.

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10 Rare Baby Names You will Completely Fall In Love With
10 Rare Baby Names You will Completely Fall In Love With

7. Ezlyn

  • Raelynn and Evelyn are popular baby names ending in ‘-lynn’.
  • Only 8 newborns out of a million were named Ezlynn in 2023.
  • According to Nameberry, Ezlynn is a Sri Lankan name derived from 1960s feminist activist Ezlynn Deraniyagala.

8. Tierney

  • The strong meaning of this gender-neutral Irish name is “lord” or “master.
  • ” Tierney may be a fantastic first name, particularly for parents honoring their Irish heritage.
  • Although it peaked in 1993, it was still an uncommon name.

9. Odessa 

  • Greek girl’s name Odessa is lovely.
  • Odessa means “wrathful,” or “one who receives pain,” but it’s derived from the Greek hero Odysseus, who showed immense strength as he went through many trials and tribulations.
  • In that context, the name is more powerful than wrathful.
  • Odessa was popular in the early 1900s but slowly declined until 2016, when it rose again.

10. Penn

  • English boy’s name Penn means “lives by the hill” or “enclosure.
  • ” The name is straightforward and unique, yet its meaning isn’t outstanding.
  • The name is also used by numerous notable persons, including actors Penn Badgley and Sean Penn.
  • This name is perfect for individuals who desire something unique and classy.

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