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Why dogs dislike certain people but love others

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Why dogs dislike certain people but love others
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Why dogs dislike certain people but love others: Do you ever think that your dog naturally likes or dislikes certain people and groups? That’s okay, you’re not crazy; all dogs do that sometimes. In fact, people are pickier about who they like and don’t like the more sensitive their sense of smell is.

Emory University used an MRI machine to help prove this theory. They looked at the dog’s brain when it was exposed to the smells of both known and unknown people and dogs. When a dog smells its owner, it goes to its pleasure center in the brain. It was found that dogs prefer the smell of people over other smells.

When a dog sniffs someone they don’t like, it’s usually because of the pheromones that person is giving off. For the dog, those pheromones could mean danger or an alarm to be careful. Dogs can also pick up on pheromones that make people smell scared or nervous.

Why dogs dislike certain people but love others

When a dog smells someone that doesn’t match what it thinks a person should smell like, it naturally becomes more alert. Dogs may also act this way when people wear perfumes or colognes with strong scents. The dog is mostly interested because the person he’s meeting smells different from what the dog is used to smelling.

When you meet new people, places, or pets, it’s best to let your dog sniff around for a while. This will give them time to figure out all the new smells they are taking in. It’s not always about smells and pheromones, though. For dogs, different things can set off different triggers.

Dogs don’t like someone for a while more

  • Something about this person is off that makes them feel uneasy. The person could have a beard, a hat, talk loudly, be a child, wear loose clothes, shoes that squeak, or jewelry that rattles… How to stay away from: When your dog is young, make sure they meet a lot of different people.
  • The dog is reminded of someone bad they had a bad experience with in the past. There are dogs that don’t like men, women, kids, babies, loud or fast-moving things.

What to Avoid

Make sure that the first things your dog does are controlled and good. For example, don’t let the first time your dog meets a child be scary; prepare the child ahead of time and stay in charge! The dog thinks the person is dangerous because of the way they are standing.

Watch how polite dogs greet each other for the first time: They act like they don’t care by looking away, being very casual, taking their time, and often coming up from the side, but they eventually make eye contact and say, “Waddup.”

What “dog loving” people do when they meet a dog: They look right at the dog and move toward it with open arms. They usually make a lot of squeaky noises and speak in a high-pitched voice. If a dog did that, it would be the dog park bully.

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