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Why is Breed-Specific Dog Food a Better Option than Standard Dog Food

Why is Breed-Specific Dog Food a Better Option than Standard Dog Food


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Why is Breed-Specific Dog Food a Better Option than Standard Dog Food: It can be hard to decide what to feed our beloved dogs because there are so many options. As you walk down the pet food aisle, dog food labels will shout “Large Breed” or “Small Breed.” Every dog, from the huge Great Dane to the tiny Chihuahua, should get food that is specially made for them.

You can have one of our veterinarians come to your home for a nutritional consultation to make sure your dog is getting all the nutrients it needs. You should choose the right food for your dog based on more than just its breed. To help you decide if your dog needs breed-specific food, let’s look at how the nutrients in large- and small-breed dog foods are different.

Why is Breed-Specific Dog Food a Better Option than Standard Dog Food

What is dog food made just for my breed?

  • Foods made just for certain breeds are made with the idea that each breed has different nutritional needs.
  • These foods might be good for a breed’s health, energy level, or even the way their mouths are shaped and sized.

Why your dog needs food made just for its breed

A lot of dogs do well on general diets, but some breeds have specific nutritional needs that you can’t forget about. Here are some reasons you might want to feed your dog a diet made just for its breed:

1. Customized food

  • There are health problems with some breeds. For example, big breeds may have problems with their joints, while small breeds may have problems with their teeth.
  • With their specific nutrient profiles, breed-specific foods can help with these issues.

2. The Best Amount of Calories

  • Some breeds may need more calories than others, depending on how active they are.
  • These energy needs can be met by foods made just for that breed.

3. Size and shape of the kibble

  • It’s easier for some breeds of dogs to eat because the kibble can be made in different sizes and shapes to fit their mouths and the way they chew.

Differences Between Dog Foods Made for Different Breeds

  • Not only are they physically different, but their different sizes also mean they have different nutritional needs.
  • The food that large and small breeds eat is very different, from the number of calories they eat to the size of their kibble.

Differences in Caloric Density

  • Calorie-dense foods are often better for large breed dogs. This method is used to slow down growth, which can cause problems with bones and joints.
  • Small breeds, on the other hand, tend to eat foods that are higher in calories. This is because their metabolisms are faster, which means they burn calories faster.

Differences in Protein and Fat Content

  • Large-breed foods may have a little less fat than other foods. This will help them stay at a healthy weight and keep them from becoming obese.
  • Small breeds, on the other hand, often need foods that are higher in protein and fat to meet their higher energy needs.

The Size and Shape of Kibble

  • Large breed dogs usually get bigger kibble, which helps them chew properly and keep their teeth healthy.
  • Because small breeds’ mouths and jaws are smaller, they are given bite-sized kibble to make eating easier.

Help for bones and joints

  • Glucosamine and chondroitin are two nutrients that are often added to large-breed dog food.
  • These ingredients are very important for joint health, especially for bigger dogs that are more likely to get joint problems like arthritis.
  • Some small-breed foods may have these nutrients that help joints, but not as often as in large-breed formulas.

Levels of Calcium and Phosphorus

  • Calcium and phosphorus levels are often controlled in large-breed dog foods to make sure bones grow properly and avoid possible orthopaedic problems.
  • Small breeds may have normal or slightly higher levels of these minerals to help their health as a whole.

What Makes Food Digestible

  • Because bigger dogs can have problems with their digestion, some large-breed dog foods may contain ingredients that help their digestion.
  • Because small breeds have faster metabolisms, their food usually has ingredients that are easy for them to digest.

Taking Care of Health Issues

  • The main goals of large-breed dog foods are usually to support the heart, the joints, and the dog’s weight.
  • Small-breed foods, on the other hand, focus on keeping your teeth healthy, your immune system strong, and your lean muscle mass.

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