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Why your dog needs toys? – Know Reasons

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Why your dog needs toys - Know Reasons
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Why your dog needs toys? – Know Reasons: Dog owners love giving their pets toys, especially when they see them having fun. As a pet parent, you probably have a collection of dog toys. You may have noticed that dogs prefer certain toys. Your dog may even have a favorite they love.

Though your dog may prefer a certain toy, it can cause problems when it’s time to replace it. Rip or broken toys can choke pets. If your pet becomes obsessed with household items instead of pet toys, you can run into problems.

Your pet may grab this item whenever they see it, even stealing someone else’s. Thus, you should learn what toys your dog likes so you can give them a safe toy. This article will show you how your dog chooses their favorite toy so you can fill their toy box with pet-friendly items they’ll love.

Why your dog needs toys? – Know Reasons

Toy Comforts Them

  • Some dogs like soft, snugly toys like kids do. Your dog may be attached to the soft wine plush bottle dog toy you bought for fun because it makes them feel safer, especially in thunderstorms.
  • Your dog uses their toy to cope with stress or boost their mood, whether you’re around or not.
  • If your dog always grabs their favorite plush toy before leaving or going to bed, they may have separation anxiety. This occurs when a dog is overly attached to its owner and anxious when left alone.
  • Give your dog daily exercise to help them adjust to your departure. Activity will make them happy and tired, reducing stress.

The Toy Tastes different

  • Some dogs like to carry their toys. This may be because the toy’s texture feels good in the pet’s mouth. Your dog is probably teething, so chew toys are appealing.
  • Because your dog’s teeth will often touch the toy, choose one that doesn’t break easily or have small parts they could swallow.
  • Fraying soft plastic and rubber toys that show teeth marks can harm your dog if they are eaten. Get durable, sharp-edge-free toys to protect your dog’s jaws and teeth.

Toy Satisfies Natural Instincts

  • Your dog may be attached to a fetch toy because they’re hunting a moving target. Play with your dog and watch his behavior. Do they get excited about chasing a ball or fetching a toy?
  • If your dog chases everything you throw, they may be hunters. This trait is found in all dogs, but hunting dog breeds may be more common.
  • Due to their hunting and herding roots, terriers and shepherds love Frisbee and tennis ball retrieval games. In contrast, English and French bulldogs love tug of war. Since they tire easily, this game is perfect for their powerful jaws and muscular bodies and won’t require much running.
  • In both cases, a durable Frisbee toss toy is ideal. The toy is softer and lighter than a plastic Frisbee, making it easier to catch and gentler on your dog’s jaw. Even if your pet pulls hard, the rope loop won’t break.

Toy Has Important Memory

  • Sometimes your pet is attached to a memory rather than a toy. Your dog may remember being rewarded or getting lots of attention when they first played with the toy.
  • Since dogs don’t outgrow emotions, this special time can last forever for your dog. Unless your pet gets attached to an inappropriate toy, like a toilet brush or old underwear, this shouldn’t be a problem.
  • If you need to stop your dog from fixating on something, make the experience negative. You can distract your dog when they see the item by making loud noises. Give them a suitable pet toy. Give your dog lots of praise and treats while playing with their new toy to encourage behavior change.
  • Dogs often have favorite toys, but replacing them can be difficult if they refuse. Thus, you should learn why your beloved dog loves their toy. This lets you help them switch to a better toy.

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