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10 Christmas Lunch Ideas That Won't Ruin Your Appetite For Dinner

10 Christmas Lunch Ideas That Won’t Ruin Your Appetite For Dinner


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10 Christmas Lunch Ideas That Won’t Ruin Your Appetite For Dinner:- On Christmas morning, everything happens at once. Lunch gets pushed to the back burner as Christmas approaches, what with unwrapping gifts, going to church, and getting everything ready for the big supper. No matter how much candy your family has eaten from their stockings, they still need supper on Christmas Day.

We get it; you’re trying to cut back in anticipation of that breathtaking Christmas dinner. A large group of irate relatives turning up for supper is the last thing Mama needs, though. We compiled some of our favorite Christmas lunch options to tide the family over and spare you the stress.

In the middle of a busy morning and before the day’s main culinary event—dinner—try one of these festive recipes—it’s either very quick or can be made ahead of time. These Christmas lunch dishes will ensure that you and your family enjoy every moment of the holiday.

10 Christmas Lunch Ideas That Won’t Ruin Your Appetite For Dinner

1. Spicy Sausage-and-Cheddar Kolaches

  • Our salty take on the traditional Czech dessert goes well with a simple fruit or green salad for lunch. Cheddar cheese and smoked sausage make a great meal together.

2. Christmas Tree Pull-Apart Bread

  • This cheeky pull-apart bread recipe can turn Christmas lunch into a holiday snack that everyone can eat before the main dinner.
  • To make it, you just need a can of pizza dough and some time. You can also shape it in any way you like.

3. Shrimp and Grits Casserole

  • This shrimp and grits dish will fill your crew up whether they wake up for breakfast, brunch, or a late lunch. Everyone is welcome to dig in to the shrimp stew.

4. Macaroni Pie

  • Macaroni and cheese is always a hit with everyone. This pie version tastes great and is easy to make. For an easy, full meal, add roasted broccoli.

5. Ham Biscuits

  • At any time of day, ham cookies are always a good choice for a party. You can make the biscuits ahead of time and freeze them until you’re ready to eat them hot from the oven.

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10 Christmas Lunch Ideas That Won't Ruin Your Appetite For Dinner
10 Christmas Lunch Ideas That Won’t Ruin Your Appetite For Dinner

6. Hearty Beef and Freezer Veggie Soup

  • Ham cookies are always a good choice for a party, no matter what time of day it is. The biscuits can be made ahead of time and frozen until you’re ready to eat them warm from the oven.

7. Barbecue-Pork Pizza

  • In this great mashup meal, barbecue and pizza come together. Everyone will enjoy lunch if you make the pork ahead of time.

8. Chicken Biscuit Sandwiches

  • The day before, make these simple sandwiches in the slow cooker. Then, you can just throw them together for lunch and enjoy Christmas Day with your family.

9. Salmon Bagel Sandwiches

  • This lox bagel isn’t like most. The pretty bagel sandwiches are filled with tasty slow-cooked salmon and fresh cream cheese with herbs. Your family will love them.

10.Mushroom-Stuffed Phyllo Cups

  • For a light and casual Christmas lunch, these mushroom pies that you can bite into go great with deviled eggs and other party snacks. You can make them ahead of time and bake them right before lunch.

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