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Why Do Dogs Sleep So Much

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Why Do Dogs Sleep So Much
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Why Do Dogs Sleep So Much: While it’s normal for dogs to sleep through the night, many also sleep during the day. Most dogs sleep 10–14 hours per day, but some sleep 20. If your dog sleeps excessively, it may be time to investigate. You should monitor your dog’s sleep cycle because aging or disease can cause changes. Learn how to keep your dog active during the day and when to seek help.

Why Do Dogs Sleep So Much 

Why Dogs Sleep Much

Many dogs sleep 11 hours per day, according to studies. They rest a lot and do little during the day. When relaxed and unmotivated, most dogs sleep more. Without smartphones, jobs, or homework, they sleep to pass the time, especially if they’re bored at home. Many dogs sleep 12–14 hours a day, but some sleep more. The amount of sleep your dog gets depends on many factors:

  • Young puppies and older dogs sleep more.
  • Sick and overweight dogs may sleep more.
  • Some breeds sleep more.
  • Snoozing for hours can also indicate a health issue. Changing sleep patterns can cause many diseases and aging issues.

A dog that sleeps 12–14 hours per day is usually fine. That’s normal! Extra sleep can be a sign of problems, especially if your dog’s sleep changes suddenly. These concerns should be discussed with your vet.

How to Excite Your Dog

Since most dogs don’t work or go to school, long days alone can bore them. A long, lonely day and your human’s sleep hours means your dog sleeps a lot! If your dog seems to be sleeping all day, consider what else he can do.


Lots of fun toys, games, and activities are the best way to keep your dog awake and active during the day. Puzzle toys can keep your dog active during the day. Hide kibble or treats in a towel or egg carton. Use a dog camera to see if your dog is playing or ignoring puzzle toys.


Dog walks midday and longer morning and evening workouts can also brighten your dog’s day. Some dogs like doggy daycare where they can play all day with other dogs. If your dog is sleeping even when there are exciting things to do or is no longer engaging in things he used to do, something may be wrong. Consult your vet for next steps.

Get Help When

Your dog will usually sleep part of the day. However, too much sleep may indicate a health issue in your dog. Signs that your dog sleeps too much include:

  • Changing sleep patterns
  • Sleeping when there’s “something better to do,” especially if it usually catches their attention
  • Sleep disrupts eating and drinking.
  • Issues may include difficulty waking your dog, limping or unwillingness to exercise, and changes in eating, urination, or defecation.
  • Throwing up or diarrhea
  • Coughing, wheezing, or breathing problems
  • Increased sleep causes other behavior issues.
  • Dizziness, getting ‘lost’ at home, staring at walls or corners
  • Fear or aggression increased
  • Pacing and anxiety symptoms
  • Some of these signs may have developed slowly in older dogs. Always ask your vet about ways to make your dog’s golden years more comfortable.

Your vet may ask many questions and run tests. Dogs that sleep more or are reluctant to get up may have arthritis, acute injuries, endocrine disorders like hypothyroidism or diabetes, heart disease, neurological issues, or other medical conditions.

Your vet can perform a complete physical exam, blood work, and other tests to find the cause and get your dog back to normal. Track your dog’s sleep and other symptoms. Maintain her weight and give her plenty to do during the day to enjoy her alone time. If she keeps sleeping excessively, take her to the vet.

Why Do Dogs Sleep So Much

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