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8 of the Cutest Maltipoo Haircuts

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8 of the Cutest Maltipoo Haircuts
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8 of the Cutest Maltipoo Haircuts: Maltipoo owners know how cute they are. How about making yours cuter? You can with the right haircut! Your Maltipoo can have several cute, pretty, and impressive haircuts. Make your Maltipoo the prettiest on the block. Then check out these 8 stunning Maltipoo haircuts! Any of these will make your dog look great and get compliments!

Selecting the Best Maltipoo Haircut

Only three questions matter when choosing a Maltipoo haircut:

  • Which season is it?
  • Is my dog often outside?
  • Will I brush my dog daily?

Why do these questions matter? A long or short cut should depend on the season (your dog may not like long hair in the summer). A dog that spends a lot of time outside will get dirtier, so you want a haircut that won’t attract dirt. Finally, your dog’s coat will need to be brushed more often as it grows longer, so make time!

8 of the Cutest Maltipoo Haircuts

1. Continental Cut

  • The Continental cut is the most popular cut for show Poodles. Your Maltipoo will look adorable with this cut. It’s a great summer cut for your dog because it keeps him cool.
  • Though it looks different on the Maltipoo than the Poodle, it works. The back, legs, tail, and face are shaved, leaving pom-poms on the tail and ankles.
  • Meanwhile, the head and upper body have long, fluffy hair.

2. Kennel Cut

  • The most basic Maltipoo cut is also the easiest to maintain.
  • The best part? Cheap! This cut is easy to clean and ideal for active, dirty dogs.
  • This cut involves shaving your dog down to an inch of fur.

3. Lamb Cut

  • A Maltipoo’s Lamb cut is adorable and common in Poodle hybrids. This cut is so common for Maltipoos that show Poodles can have it.
  • This cut makes your dog look like a lamb and is great for winter because the hair is longer. Leg and ear hair will be long for this cut. However, the face and body hair will be trimmed.

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4. Maltese Cut

  • Since you want your dog to look like its Maltese parent, a Maltese cut can come in many styles.
  • Unless you specify a Maltese cut, you may get the picture above or the show dog floor-length fur.
  • Determine what you want before visiting the groomer and be specific!

5. Miami Cut

  • The Miami cut, also known as a bikini cut, keeps hair tangle-free and looks like your dog is wearing a bikini.
  • The hindquarters and head are left hairy, while the rest is almost shaved.

6. Maltipoo Curled Poodle Cut

  • Your Maltipoo with a curly coat will look adorable and rounded with this Poodle cut.
  • Easily done! Just shave the tail, feet, and face, then cut the rest of your dog’s hair to your liking. Leave pom-poms on the tails or paws if you like.

7. Puppy Cut

  • Don’t confuse this cut with Teddy Bear! Though similar, this style has all your dog’s hair the same length, while the Teddy Bear has longer areas.
  • This haircut is named because it makes your dog look puppyish, but it’s not just for puppies.

8. Shih Tzu Cut

  • Shih Tzu haircuts for Maltipoos are popular, despite their oddity.
  • Otherwise, you could get a long haircut when you wanted a short one, or vice versa!

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