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Flocked Christmas Tree Decorating Instructions

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Flocked Christmas Tree Decorating Instructions
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Flocked Christmas Tree Decorating Instructions:- A flocked Christmas tree can bring the winter wonderland to your home. A flocked Christmas tree, usually adorned with white glitter or fake snow, gives the impression that it was brought inside from outside in a snowstorm. A frozen canvas prepared to be adorned with beloved Christmas decorations is left behind by the white-tipped needles.

Decorating a flocked Christmas tree is an art form in and of itself. It all boils down to how you feel about the room and your own unique taste. Consider a natural winter wonderland appearance with only a few pinecones and fairy lights, or add a touch of glitz with a silver and gold motif.

When deciding on a color scheme for your Christmas tree, keep in mind the emotions you wish to convey. For a warm, inviting ambiance, go with red and gold, while for a cool, icy vibe, go with silver, blue, and green. Here are some holiday-themed ideas for adorning a flocked Christmas tree.

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Flocked Christmas Tree Decorating Instructions

1.Match a Flocked Tree to the Room

  • Consider your decor while choosing a color for your flocked Christmas tree. In this neutral living room, velvet emerald accent chairs and white needles are accented with green ornaments.
  • The flocked Christmas tree, gold side table, and other metallic accessories are adorned with gold and silver ornaments. The look is sleek, refined, and harmonious.

2. Keep It Traditional with Christmas Reds

  • Recalling Santa and his helpers or holly and poinsettias, red Christmas ornaments bring joy. Because of their contrast with dazzling white branches, red decorations and ribbons look nicer on flocked Christmas trees.
  • Glittery trees, red berry leaves, and scarlet robins suggest a winter forest, while wooden ski ornaments lend a chalet touch.

3. Modernize Red and Green

  • Christmas and winter are associated with red and green. To modernize a Christmas classic, use mint green decorations instead of forest green ones.
  • Replace beaded garland with white feathers to add snow and highlight red ornaments. Wrap gifts in matching paper to complete the look.

4. Decorating a Flocked Farmhouse Christmas Tree

  • Look no farther to match your flocked Christmas tree to your farmhouse-style decor. Stick to simple designs and avoid shiny embellishments.
  • The only ornaments on this farmhouse-fresh tree are enormous rustic bells, cream-colored baubles, berry greenery, and a loose ribbon garland.
  • Instead of a glittering star, use a twig and wrap straw over the tree for a rustic look.

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Flocked Christmas Tree Decorating Instructions

Flocked Christmas Tree Decorating Instructions

5. Showcase a Plain Flocked Christmas Tree

  • Flocked Christmas trees may seem so gorgeous without decorations. Relax and enjoy the Alpine-fresh look.
  • An undecorated tree lends a little holiday spirit to a neutral style.
  • Wrap the tree in Christmas lights to shine at night. To elevate a little flocked Christmas tree, place it on a sideboard or basket.

6.Use Christmas Metal Ornaments

  • Gold, silver, copper Christmas ornaments make a gorgeous tree. Vary ornament sizes, shapes, and materials to add visual interest. Start with large ornaments equally spaced around the tree.
  • Fill spaces with medium and small embellishments. An accent color like blue adds color to this metallic-themed tree.
  • Use little decorations sparingly yet evenly around the tree. A beautiful tree topper completes the look.

7. Decorate Christmas with Colors

  • Flocked Christmas trees make vibrant colors pop on pure white. Mix and match ornament shapes and sizes and use muted pastels and vivid saturated colors for a whimsical effect.
  • Stay loyal to your style, get creative, and decorate your tree with vivid colors that match your decor.

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