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How to Drink in a Healthier Way

How to Drink in a Healthier Way

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How to Drink in a Healthier Way :Risky drinking surveys show that most people understate their alcohol consumption. Scientific research says no amount of alcohol is healthful. You don’t have to give it up. Drink more consciously and cut back on alcohol without quitting with these tips.

How to Drink in a Healthier Way

1.Drink Fewer Days a Week

  • If you currently have a drink every day of the week, pick one—or more—days when you don’t.
  • And even if you drink only two or three times a week, consider adding another day to your nonalcohol days.

2.Have One Instead of Two

  • On the days you do drink, have a single beer, cocktail, or glass of wine, not two.

3.Opt for Beverages With Lower Amounts of Alcohol

  • Alcohol by volume (ABV) can vary substantially among beer, wine, spirits, and even within the same category.
  • India pale ale (IPA) may contain 4.5 percent or 9 percent ABV. Sweet wines like Moscato D’Asti have a lower ABV (about 5%) than California chardonnay (14%).
  • Vinho Verde wines can contain 9 percent ABV or 12.5 percent. Whiskey, gin, vodka, and other hard liquors have 40% ABVs or greater. Hard liquor is measured by proof, twice the ABV.
  • An 80-proof vodka has 40% ABV, whereas a 100-proof has 50%.

4.Choose a Smaller Glass

  • According to a 2017 BMJ study, people poured more from larger wineglasses.
  • Because glass sizes vary, a 5-ounce serving will look different in different glasses.

5.Pour Smaller Servings

  • Reduce the gin in your gin and tonic or choose a glass of beer instead of a pint.
  • Measure your pour with a cup or shot glass to avoid guessing.

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6.Eat Before and While Imbibing

  • You absorb alcohol slower with food in your stomach.
  • This keeps your blood alcohol level low enough to avoid intoxication, but it doesn’t counteract alcohol’s other health impacts.
  • Another perk of eating while drinking: Slower drinking. That slows alcohol absorption, too.

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