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9 Best Animals for Kids

9 Best Animals for Kids
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9 Best Animals for Kids : Thinking about getting a family pet? Do you worry about which animals will work with your young children? This list is a wonderful place to start looking for the finest pets for families with kids.

9 Best Animals for Kids


  • Naturally, dogs top this list! Dogs are the perfect family pet and loved by all.
  • Some breeds are better for families with kids due of their durability, energy, and maintenance.
  • Bull dogs make great family pets, despite popular belief. They’re loyal, protective, brick-built, and only need face-cleaning.


  • This is an unlikely addition to this list but pigs are seriously great family pets.
  • Much like a bull dog, they’re built strong and can stand up to the rough housing kids often do.
  • They’re just as clean, or even cleaner at times, as dogs and are super playful.


  • Sadly, hamster became a common family pet because they don’t live that long.
  • They’re branded as the “starter pet”, but really should be taken more seriously than that. Hamsters are fun, playful, and can teach younger kids minor responsibilities.

4.Guinea Pigs

  • In same the light as hamsters, guinea pigs often get chosen as the starter pet.
  • But they’re even better than hamsters! Bigger, fluffier, and more playful. Sounds good to me! My kids loved their guinea pig.


  • A simple goldfish would do, but you can spruce up the tank with angel fish, bottom feeders, and clown fish.
  • The kids love watching them and you can teach a little bit of responsibility with the feedings and cleaning of the tanks.


  • Although many find birds unpleasant and raucous, they make terrific family pets.
  • They get along with other birds, are easy to clean, and some breeds, like budgies and parrots, can talk.
  • Canaries and finches are playful and good with youngsters.


  • There are dog people and then there are cat people. So, for those of you who prefer the feline variety, a cat would make an excellent family pet.
  • They basically clean up after themselves, require very little training, and are super cuddly.


  • Snakes are incredibly low maintenance and make a great first time, starter pet for families with kids.
  • Corn snakes and ball pythons are the best. They only require to be fed once a week, cage cleaning once per month, and no special cleaners required.
  • And despite what most people think, snakes very rarely bite unless starved or taunted.

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  • Never worry about their fleeing. They live long and are easy to care for.
  • Turtles are resilient and get along. Great family pet.
  • That’s basically it! Lots of pets make wonderful first pets or greatest pets for families with kids, but this list includes the most common.
  • If you’re unsure, consult your local pet care provider or excellent pet retailer. They’ll know a lot about what pet might suit your family.

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