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The US and UK Way to Say 10 Food Names

The US and UK Way to Say 10 Food Names

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The US and UK Way to Say 10 Food Names:-Many of us have British friends or acquaintances who use unfamiliar food names. Official Culinary Ginger Guide of American-British Food Names. I believed it was time to solve this as a British expat in America!

The US and UK Way to Say 10 Food Names

  • I included British food slang names to the name conversions.
  • Foods are named differently in America. English and other countries may have different names for the same dish.
  • American arugula is called Rocket in Britain, Australia, and New Zealand.
  • French and British call Courgette what Americans call Zucchini.

Fries are chips and chips are crisps?

  • Most people associate this food/word changeup with “chips”.
  • The Americans call these delicious fried potato strings French Fries. The Brits? Chips, of course.
  • Fish & Chips are common on American menus, but never Fish and French Fries!
  • There’s a crossover.
  • Adding to the confusion, Americans call potato chips “Chips” and Brits “Crisps”!
  • Consider the beloved American Cinnamon Roll.
  • They’re called Chelsea Buns in England and are remarkably similar.

Jello is jelly, jelly is jam?

  • Enjoy this hilarious one.
  • American Jello is Jelly and American Jelly Jam in the UK! No confusion there!
  • English people call the American Popover a Yorkshire Pudding.
  • We all know that Americans eat dessert after meals.
  • The English call it pudding.
  • A Cookie in America? That’s a biscuit in England. Get the idea…

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The US and UK Way to Say 10 Food Names
The US and UK Way to Say 10 Food Names


  • Being British and producing recipes for Americans and Brits is difficult since I have to use two names for many things.
  • I created the following complete list (which is continually updated) to help you interpret food name riddles and make your kitchen life easier.
  • It’s enjoyable to read and you may learn something new.

The list below includes finished dishes like these, food names like cookie and biscuit, and terminology like sandwich and butty or sarnie.

  • Plain all-purpose flour
  • Rocket Arugula
  • Jacket Potato–Baked Potato
  • Beet – Beetroot Broiler – Grill Chips – Crisps
  • Cilantro-Coriander Cookie-Biscuit
  • Corn Starch–Flour
  • Cotton Candy: Candy Floss Cupcake: Fairy Cake Endive: Chicory Eggplant: Aubergine
  • Wide Beans
  • Fish Stick – Fish Finger Flavour – Flavour
  • French fries—chips
  • Green Beans—Runner Beans
  • Spring Onions—Green Onions
  • Grilled Cheese: Toastie – Ground Beef: Mince
  • Jam – Jelly Jello – Jelly Ketchup – Tomato sauce
  • Low-fat semi-skimmed milk
  • Maraschino Cherry: Glacé Pickles: Gherkin Popsicle: Ice Lolly or Oatmeal – Porridge
  • Powdered sugar—icing
  • Romaine—Cos Lettuce

Can I add more words to A Guide of American to British Food Names? Please comment below and I’ll add them.

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