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Ways to Keep Your Pet Healthy During Monsoon

Ways to Keep Your Pet Healthy During Monsoon


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Ways to Keep Your Pet Healthy During Monsoon: Animal owners are getting ready for a new challenge: the monsoon season. The scorching heat and high temperatures are not coming back. Even though it’s nice to get away from the heat of the summer, the rain brings skin infections and diseases that are spread by water that are bad for our pets’ health and hygiene.

Ways to Keep Your Pet Healthy During Monsoon

1. Groom each time

This time of year, dirt, muck, bacteria, and other germs can make your pet’s skin more likely to get all sorts of infections. Regular grooming is a must if you want to keep your pet clean.

Brushing: Every day, brush your pet’s fur to get rid of knots, dirt, and extra water.

Cleaning the ears: If your pet’s ears get wet, wax can build up and cause other ear infections. This is most likely to happen to dogs with long ears that are closed. They should clean their ears often and well.

How to Dry Your Pet’s Coat: Use a microfiber towel to pat your pet’s coat dry after each outdoor play session or bath. Pay attention to places like the armpits and underbelly that tend to stay wet.
Remember that one important part of taking care of your pet during the monsoon is grooming their ears, eyes, and coat on a regular basis to keep them dry.

2. Put on rain gear and other items

  • Putting on rain gear for your pet before you take them outside on a rainy adventure will help keep them safe and comfortable.
  • Wearing waterproof items like raincoats or umbrellas can help keep their fur dry, and boots can protect their paws from wet, muddy, infected puddles, and surfaces that are too slippery.
  • To keep pests and bacterial or fungal attacks away, you can also use anti fungal powder and tick and flea repellents.

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3. Pay close attention to their paws.

  • Their paws are the main part of their body that comes into contact with the dirt and germs that can make them sick on the ground.
  • Putting shoes on your pet can help keep them safe. But it’s also a good idea to clean your dog’s paws quickly after every walk.
  • A towel and some warm water should do the trick. You can also wash the paws with an antiseptic to keep them from getting sick.

4. Keep them warm and dry.

  • You can’t say enough about how important it is to dry your pet during the monsoon. There is a lot of moisture in the air, and bacteria and fungi are ready to attack.
  • Keep your pet completely dry, especially after walks outside. This will keep them from getting a cold or skin infection.
  • With a clean, absorbent towel, pat them dry, or use a hair dryer that is safe for pets on low heat and far away. Before letting your pet rest or play inside, make sure they are completely dry.

5. Get your indoor areas ready

  • As your pet spends more time inside, make sure their areas are as clean as possible. Get rid of any dirt and wetness right away.
  • The place where your pet sleeps is also a sensitive area. Make sure it’s clean, dry, and out of the way of cold drafts of wind. For extra warmth and comfort, throw in a blanket!
  • When you’re inside, give your pet things to do like obstacle courses, games with treats (like hide and seek), interactive toys, and puzzles. Take care on floors that are slippery!

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