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Why My Family Prefers Christmas Breakfast Over Lunch

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Why My Family Prefers Christmas Breakfast Over Lunch
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Why My Family Prefers Christmas Breakfast Over Lunch:- Start with sausage balls. Need I continue? A good Southern breakfast can easily surpass the dishes and casseroles of a conventional Christmas meal. We enjoy seeing most of them during Thanksgiving. On the biggest holiday of the year, Southern breakfast recipes should be at their best.

At the top of Christmas morning, the most important dinner is lavished. Which are your favorites? It’s about celebrating what you can’t always make and embracing presentation qualities that seem too wonderful to be true.

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Why My Family Prefers Christmas Breakfast Over Lunch

Holiday Breakfast Components

  • If you like cheesy grits casserole and gravy-covered biscuits, listen up. A glazed pecan Bundt your mother considers a side dish instead of dessert, as if buttermilk pancakes weren’t enough
  • . More bacon than Santa’s bum. For these reasons, adult Southerners will wake up at 7 a.m. on Christmas Day.
  • No matter your age, it’s great to start the day with cheer, and my mother’s annual menu is exciting. Remember to check the drink menu too, regardless of your culinary preferences.
  • While Christmas happiness is appropriate, lifting a glass does not require alcohol.

The Origins of a Culinary Custom

  • My family has evolved into a Christmas morning crew over the years, with lunch moving to dinnertime once everyone has finished their grits and sausage balls. With their bellies full and smiles on their faces, the adults watched as the children played with their new toys over lunchtime.
  • A little rest is in order later on. Napping would be out of the question during a lengthy, leisurely Southern lunch. Preparing a large holiday feast is a lot of work, but breakfast casseroles, frittatas, and similar dishes are great since they can be made ahead of time and baked.
  • Thanks to how easy and delicious these dishes are, you might even eat them when the holidays are over.

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Why My Family Prefers Christmas Breakfast Over Lunch

Why My Family Prefers Christmas Breakfast Over Lunch

A Single Snack Powers an Extended Workday

  • As more nibblers arrive for a slice of quiche, Christmas morning might sometimes overflow into lunch territory, rendering a complete additional meal afterward unnecessary. Even though it’s past noon, my relatives are still prepared with more cutlery.
  • That being said, I don’t think it’s a bad thing that Christmas supper is served later; after all, it permits people who like to keep the party going into the wee hours of the morning to refuel.
  • People from the South aren’t afraid to eat twice in a single day. We’re made to do it. We’re going to return for more.

Breakfast Choices for Christmas

  • Even if it’s only a Christmas Day meal, there are countless ways to enjoy the season with loved ones. On the other hand, think of this as the ideal new tradition to add to your family’s Christmas Day celebration if you’ve been seeking for a change.
  • To top it all off, we have the top brunch recipes for the holidays to spark your creativity. Where am I? I’ll be standing by the pancakes.

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