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Yoga's Top 6 Astrological Secrets

Yoga’s Top 6 Astrological Secrets

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Yoga’s Top 6 Astrological Secrets:-When predicting kundli, astrologers give yogas the highest priority. Planetary combinations, also known as Kundli yogas, can be formed at birth or through planetary transits, conjunctions, and other events that occur while you are alive. Kundli yoga is a type of yoga that takes place when one planet, house, or sign transits, aspects, or conjunctions with another planet, house, or sign. Make a note of whether the kundli yoga is a happy or negative experience. With the help of yoga’s positive or bad impacts, astrologers are able to make predictions about your future. In Kundli, Raj Yoga is a subject that is generally known. When performed in Kundli, Raj Yoga brings about riches and fortune. Nevertheless, Daridra Yoga may bring about adversity or financial hardship.

Yoga’s Top 6 Astrological Secrets

Gajakesari Yoga

  • A Yoga of Gaja kesari Within the kendra, from the Moon to Jupiter.
  • Gajkesari yoga indicates that you can have a large number of relatives.
  • You would be kind and compassionate to others.
  • The job of development will be yours once you become a magistrate.
  • With this yog, your reputation will endure long after you have passed away

Sunapha Yoga

  •  There are planets in the second house from the Moon, with the exception of the Sun.
  • As a result of your effort and the sensible choices you make, Sunapha Yoga forecasts that you will acquire a variety of possessions.
  • You are going to enjoy a successful life and act like a king.
  • You have a very intelligent nature, and you almost never make mistakes.
  • Your reputation will be on par with that of a ruler.

Anapha Yoga

  • In the 12th house, any planets that are derived from the Moon.
  • A healthy life with well-formed organs is what Anapha Yoga promises to bring about.
  • Your body and appearance are going to be absolutely stunning.
  • Because of your generosity and kindness, you are held in high regard.
  • Self-respect and a sense of style contribute to the enhancement of your reputation.
  • In your senior years, you will be noted for your austerity and renunciation of material possessions.

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Yoga's Top 6 Astrological Secrets
Yoga’s Top 6 Astrological Secrets

Dhurdhua Yoga

  • The Moon is surrounded by planets.
  • The practice of Dhurdhua Yoga promises to bring about a life that is both generous and warm.
  • You are going to have enough money to give to others or to help them.
  • How generous and charitable you are will come to define you.
  • You will achieve fame, power, and recognition as a result of your life.
  • You will be blessed with wealth and kindness throughout your life.

Kemadruma Yoga

  • There are no planets on either side of the moon.According to Kemadruma Yoga, you can be feeling sad and guilty.
  • Regarding the practical side of things, you will be dirty, and people could avoid you out of fear of being injured or tricked.
  • As a result of your unfair behavior, you will become impoverished and dependent on other people.
  • You have a personality that is described as rogue and swindler.

Chandra Mangala Yoga

  • The conjunction of Mars and the Moon.
  • If you do Chandra Mangala Yoga, it indicates that you are unethical and apathetic.
  • It’s possible that you’ll get so wicked that you’ll utilize women for an advantage.
  • It’s possible that this involves trade in people.
  • You will become violent as a result of your disregard for yourself and others, which will lead to you having the tendency to mistreat your mother.
  • You run the risk of upsetting her as well as your family.

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