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10 Dishes For A Vegetarian Christmas Dinner

10 Dishes For A Vegetarian Christmas Dinner


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10 Dishes For A Vegetarian Christmas Dinner:- It might seem impossible to make Christmas meals without meat if you’re used to roasting a turkey or seasoning a ham, but it’s not nearly as hard as you think. If you want to have a vegetarian Christmas dinner this year, you don’t have to make salads. However, vegetables will probably be a big part of the meal.

The main dishes will be hearty casseroles and pasta recipes, like our creamy kale and pasta bake. The table will also be full of many classic sides, but without the bacon. You can leave out the meat in dressing, biscuits, and mashed potatoes and still make them taste great. We promise that people will leave just as happy and full as if there was meat on the table. Check out our list of Christmas dinner ideas for vegetarians.

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10 Dishes For A Vegetarian Christmas Dinner

1. Ben Mims’ Perfect Cornbread

  • You know this cornbread is going to be good because the name says “perfect.” Since it has a lot of butter, you won’t miss the bacon fat if you’re used to putting it in cornbread. The sides get so crispy because it’s cooked in a cast iron pan.

2. Beet, Fennel, and Apple Salad

  • Beets are often served at Christmas dinner. But instead of the kind that comes in a can, we recommend making the root from scratch. Chioggia beets, which are also known as candy cane beets, have red and white stripes. For a more holiday-themed salad, look for these at the store.

3. Herbed Wild Rice Dressing

  • Most sauces get their flavor from sausage or meat stocks. This one, on the other hand, gets its flavor from fresh herbs like sage, toasted walnuts, apples, and celery. You can use pecans instead of the toasted walnuts if you’d like.

4. Angel Biscuits

  • There should be a biscuit on every table, and these are our best. Plus, you can make them a week ahead of time to make cooking for the holidays a little less stressed. You’ll think they came straight from heaven because they’re that good.

5. Herbed Wild Rice Dressing

  • With this twist on lasagna that tastes like green bean casserole, you can combine two standard holiday dishes into one hearty main dish. We switched out the cream of mushroom soup for a parmesan cream sauce to make it more interesting. Crackers with butter and onions that have been fried in a pan make the perfect salty base.

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10 Dishes For A Vegetarian Christmas Dinner
10 Dishes For A Vegetarian Christmas Dinner

6. Creamed Spinach

  • This creamed spinach recipe is so good that even picky eaters will love it. It’s also a simple and different way to serve greens. With a touch of nutmeg and toasted pine nuts on top, this vegetable side dish is full of cream and cheese and makes the meal more filling.

7. Lisa Cericola Herbed Brown Butter Mashed Potatoes

  • There’s no need for gravy with these mashed potatoes because they are already so creamy and tasty.
  • There is cream cheese, butter, half-and-half, and a lot of herbed brown butter on top of these mashed potatoes, making them the best ever. Do not mix the ingredients too much to avoid a sticky appearance.

8. Classic Cranberry Salad

  • Cranberry sauce can be served without a turkey or ham. With its fresh fruit and crunchy pecans, this homemade version is a great side dish for breads, casseroles, and veggie sides.

9. Spicy Roasted Sweet Potato Salad

  • During the holidays, sweet potatoes are always on the table. If you already have a lot of casseroles out, try this spicy sweet potato salad instead. The Southwest-style change makes the root veggie taste better by adding corn, black beans, and jalapeño.

10. Roasted Tomato Macaroni and Cheese

  • Everyone loves macaroni and cheese, even people who don’t eat meat. It tastes better in this form because it has roasted tomatoes on top and a mix of four cheeses in the sauce.

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