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10 Tips For Transitioning From Christmas To Winter Décor

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10 Tips For Transitioning From Christmas To Winter Décor
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10 Tips For Transitioning From Christmas To Winter Décor:- Transitioning from Christmas to winter décor doesn’t have to be difficult. Switching out colorful Christmas decorations and home colors for a neutral palette will create a pleasant living area you want to cuddle in. As always, SL Test Kitchen Pro and our entertainment expert. Winter decorating ideas from Ivy Odom can make your home festive without mistletoe or holly. Ivy’s top Christmas-to-winter décor recommendations.

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10 Tips For Transitioning From Christmas To Winter Décor

Eliminate Red

  • “Red screams Christmas,” remarked Ivy. Greenery endures. The red and green combo represents Christmas. You can’t remove expensive items like Ivy’s red carpeting. The hued Christmas ornaments and tchotchkes must go. Move red pillows and blankets to another room.

Get rid of Christmas decor

  • Start packing away your Christmas decorations while removing the red from your home. Store stockings, ribbons, nutcrackers, and other “Christmas” items until next year. To prepare for next Christmas, organize things nicely.

Choose Neutral Colors

  • Ivy may not be used to neutral color palettes, but they’re ageless. “For me, I am a sucker for some color,” remarked. “But in the wintertime, I can really appreciate a cozy, clean, crisp feel of a neutral color palette.” You can get a designer-worthy neutral appearance without spending a fortune. Ivy uses neutral cushions and blankets from other rooms in the living area for a large impression for nothing.

Declutter Your Space

  • Decluttering is probably on your January to-do list. Like Ivy, this task may be difficult. “I love knickknacks,” she added. “I love a lot of things…and it is time to get rid of some of those things.” Walk around your home, decide what no longer serves you, then donate it if possible.

Look at your bookshelves

  • Ivy declutters by rearranging her living room bookcases. She chose neutral colors to transition the shelves from Christmas to winter. How can you achieve that without buying new stuff? Design tip: Turn your books inside out so the pages face your room, not the spine. “Will I never find a book to read? Yes. But is it lovely? Additionally, “Ivy said.

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10 Tips For Transitioning From Christmas To Winter Décor

10 Tips For Transitioning From Christmas To Winter Décor

Decorate with Greenery

  • Warmth and color are best added to a bland winter environment with greenery. You can also use garland from your Christmas decorations if you remove the plaid ribbon and Christmas decorations. It looks exquisite on a mantle, as a table runner, in vases—the possibilities are unlimited. Greenery can grow where space allows.

Bring Nature In

  • Other natural components, like flora, will quickly bring vitality and comfort to your area. Plant little potted trees around your home. Winter-inspired birch logs and wood pieces add rustic charm. Pine cones look lovely in a clear vase or bowl on the foyer table for texture. Combine it with a pine-scented candle to warm your home.

Make a Winter Coffee Table Centerpiece

  • Winter table centerpieces are stunning and a great way to reuse Christmas greenery and declutter in the new year. Clear and white vases and white flowers refresh holiday-themed flora. Customize this centerpiece to match your decor. “As long as you keep to a neutral and add in white flowers and pops of greenery that are seasonal, you can’t go wrong,” Ivy.

Incorporate Texture

  • Your home can be textured with throw blankets and pillows. Throw chunky knit, wool, and flannel blankets and cushions in your living room and bedrooms. When purchasing, stick to neutral colors but experiment with textures. Dimension can be added with tassel or pom pillows. Replace rugs, table runners, and draperies with softer, cozier textures to add dimension to your house. Consider wicker baskets and storage bins—more on that later.

Enter Warm Lighting

  • Nobody likes overhead lighting, so lamps and twinkling lights are great for creating a nice atmosphere. Reuse your Christmas warm white twinkling lights and add some candles. This simple action will improve your post-Christmas décor and keep you and your family cozy all season.

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