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Our 14 Best Christmas Mantel Decorating Ideas

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Our 14 Best Christmas Mantel Decorating Ideas
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Our 14 Best Christmas Mantel Decorating Ideas:- The fireplace mantel is a Christmas star. The appropriate Christmas fireplace mantel decorations can establish the mood for your holiday, from Santa’s arrival to family nights by the fire. We have various Christmas mantel ideas to inspire you, from enormous hurricane vases loaded with candles to a garland. Decorate your outdoor fireplace creatively and add seasonal stockings. Browse our mantel decoration ideas to get started, no matter what you use for Christmas.

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Our 14 Best Christmas Mantel Decorating Ideas

1. Add a Dried Fruit Garland

  • A dried fruit garland is a great alternative to greenery Christmas garlands. In Maggie Dillon’s living room, a dried orange garland hangs from the mantle for color and festivity.

2. Incorporate Evergreens

  • Line your mantel with miniature trees for a rustic, woodsy Christmas. Bright ribbons and green apples decorate the small woodland, which is framed by a magnolia garland. Even with a broken fireplace, andirons and chopped wood warm a Christmas display.

3. Use A White And Green Palette

  • Start with a feathery cedar garland, nestle huge frozen pinecones, then wire smaller cones to branches for an out-of-the-woods effect.
  • Next, use rustic terracotta and zinc containers to display paperwhites white amaryllis for height and freshness. Finally, add color and smell with oranges, limes, cinnamon sticks, and votive candles.

4. Make it Dramatic

  • For the large garland over the fireplace, florist Caanan Marshall wired dozens of magnolia stems flat and in one direction, adding gold tip cedar and pine sprigs for texture. Pro: “This will dry well and last around four weeks.”
  • For height and drama, he filled containers on either side of the fireplace with red and pink blossoms, greenery, and long stalks of dried, spray-painted hydrangeas, banana leaves, and sago palm

5. Match Your Mantel Decor to Your Wall

  • Having decor that matches a strong wallpaper like this one by Amanda Simmons will keep your living room from looking chaotic. While cheerful, this living room includes natural and eggplant-colored pieces to match the wallpaper.

6. Have A Coastal Christmas

  • White, beachy greenery, seafoam blue, and silvery green make this mantel bright and breezy. Palmetto fronds and a wreath ornamented this beachside home.
  • Wavy manzanita branches can replace pine garlands. Add ceramic shell tree forms, bleached pinecones, starfish, and turquoise ornaments to the ledge.

7. Dot Your Garland With Winter Gems

  • Citrus decorations enhance mantel foliage. Use a toothpick to poke holes in each orange in the shape of your design (draw or freehand it) and put in the entire cloves to make pomanders.
  • Put magnolia leaves and Carolina hemlock sprigs on the hearth. Insert as many pomanders as desired for color. Use florist picks or wire to secure clove-studded oranges in foliage and stems.

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Our 14 Best Christmas Mantel Decorating Ideas

Our 14 Best Christmas Mantel Decorating Ideas

8.Take It Outdoors

  • Also decorate your backyard refuge or screened porch for the holidays. Fresh foliage and natural materials decorate the mantle and Christmas tree. Simple wreath above the fireplace completes the stunning scene.

9. Have Some Fun

  • A beautiful Christmas display is lovely, but this season is about fun. A wreath and moose antlers make an evergreen garland more festive. Enjoy the holiday’s fun.

10. Brighten With Red Roses

  • Roses provide unexpected color to your Christmas mantel. Red roses, a shallow rectangular container coated with florist foil, and damp florist foam trimmed to 1 inch above the container are needed to form the arrangement.

11.Add Candles Everywhere

  • To conclude, add lots of candles to your mantel for an antique look and a calm nighttime glow. Mix candles of different heights and add tea lights. Avoid leaving candles unattended—electric candles are safe and charming.

12. Try A Boxwood Garland

  • Choose a beautiful boxwood garland with gold elements like these reindeer candlesticks instead of a pine or magnolia garland. A garland that softly sweeps the floor on either side of the mantel is elegant.

13. Keep It Simple

  • Keep your grandiose fireplace basic with a garland or stockings. This Charleston fireplace has stunning crescent tiles. A nearby Florida source, The Magnolia Company, provides unadorned magnolia garland to frame it without taking center stage.

14. Embrace Rustic Materials

  • The grasscloth wallpaper and cold slate fireplace in this living room make a Christmas palette with naturalistic colors and textures natural.
  • Homemade stockings on the fireplace, a large bow on the tree, and burlap gifts complete the theme. A pine wreath drapes the antique on the mantle, and wood-carved initials identify the stocking owners.

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