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15 Easy Christmas Hairstyles for All Your 2023 Christmas Parties

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15 Easy Christmas Hairstyles for All Your 2023 Christmas Parties
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15 Easy Christmas Hairstyles for All Your 2023 Christmas Parties:- With all the Yuletide soirées and New Year’s Eve parties, not to mention the chances to gather with friends and family for caroling, Nutcracker performances, crafting afternoons, and cookie baking parties, the holidays are the busiest social season.

Deciding on festive Christmas hairstyles for your holiday adventures can be enjoyable, but it can also be stressful. While you want your locks to rock, you want to keep things simple since who needs more stress this time of year?

We’ve gathered some of the merriest Christmas hairstyles around, so you can relax and have fun. Some, like the subtle chignon and French twist, will make you look poised and classic, while others, like the snowman style, will turn up the silliness. Most are manageable in minutes!

15 Easy Christmas Hairstyles for All Your 2023 Christmas Parties

1. Christmas Crown Hairstyle

  • Adding a Christmas crown or wreath to your holiday hair is easy, but don’t overlook the hair underneath. We adore this delicate, chic curled updo. Leave a few strands around your face for a romantic, easygoing look.

2. Glitter Holiday Hairstyle

  • It’s Christmas, so why not shine like a star with glitter hair? Thread tinsel through your hair and add hair charms and glitter along your part for the entire effect.

3. Platinum Christmas Hairstyle

  • Platinum blonde is a stunning Christmas color. This year’s version stands out with its luxurious silver rather than brassy yellow. Choose a wig instead of intensive treatments to get your hair platinum. Knowing what they say about blondes and pleasure…

4 . Candy Cane Hairstyle

  • A Dutch braid crosses the crown and joins a braided ponytail at the nape of the neck in this lovely candy cane design for ladies of any age. Threading red-and-white-striped ribbon under and around braids completes them.

5. Half-Updo Hairstyle

  • To updo or not? Why not compromise with a half-updo that’s elegant enough for Christmas gatherings but not too formal? There are several styles, like this gorgeous half-up, half-down bun that will make you feel like a storybook princess.

6. Faux Braid Holiday Hairstyle

  • Short hair doesn’t prevent you from getting a festive do. To replicate this look, separate your hair and layer each portion over the last. Add a blingy barrette to disguise the top bobby pins.

7. Christmas Tree Hairstyle

  • Not every Christmas hairstyle needs refinement and restraint. Let your hair down (or up) with this playful Tannenbaum design. Tease your hair high and embellish with ribbons, garland, gold pine cones, and decorations. Everything will revolve around you this Christmas!

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15 Easy Christmas Hairstyles for All Your 2023 Christmas Parties

15 Easy Christmas Hairstyles for All Your 2023 Christmas Parties

8. Snowman Hairstyle

  • Keep it calm with a cute Frosty-inspired beehive. Use hair donuts to bind each bun and hair spray to control flyaways and keep them smooth as snow.

9. Chignon Holiday Hairstyle

  • An elegant chignon is a timeless style. The graceful, elegant design has origins in ancient Greece and is a red carpet classic. The easiest method is to comb hair back from the face, twist it into a low, tight knot at the back of the head, and pin it.

10 . Christmas Morning Hairstyle

  • Are we the only ones who find Christmas morning outfits as tough as buying gifts for grouchy Aunt Mildred? It must be quick and uncomplicated since the kids will be excitedly awaiting their gifts, but you want to appear cute for all the images your S.O. will take. This guide offers three winning styles, including a disheveled top bun Santa would love.

11. Pompadour Holiday Hairstyle

  • The classic pompadour, with thick, straight hair swept up from the forehead, is the perfect holiday hairstyle. It gives any outfit drama with its confidence and boldness. And it works with everything from short pixie cuts to intricate braids.

12. Double Braid Christmas Hairstyle

  • This design has double the excitement with a jazzy double French braid on one side. It may be twisted into a chic updo or a casual ponytail, so you can wear it to almost any Christmas event.

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