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Generational Christmas Recipes, According to Our Editors

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Generational Christmas Recipes, According to Our Editors
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Generational Christmas Recipes, According to Our Editors:- Southerners have well-honed holiday traditions including family Christmas tree treks and ornament collections. The tinsel-lined tree from Grandma’s Christmas decor or the coordinated extended family pajamas you have to organize can be simple or ornate. You may play a vintage CD every Christmas to remember. All efforts are enchanted.

Our best Christmas traditions may start in the kitchen. Here, holiday shopping and light detangling give way to quality time and delicious treats. Our holiday recipes are treasures for those who fill casserole dishes and roll dough with family. Join us in Southern Living editors’ Christmas kitchens as we share our favorite family recipes.

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Generational Christmas Recipes, According to Our Editors

1. Cheesy Potato Casserole Recipe

  • Betsy Watson, senior editor, says, “We call them party potatoes because my mom only makes them for special occasions, but there’s nothing quite so deliciously celebratory to me as an extra creamy, cheesy scoop of her mashed potato casserole.” For a festive touch, she sprinkles paprika over top.”

 2. Cookies Made by Grandma: Chocolate Drops

  • “No one loved chocolate like my grandma. Though I could expect baked cookies in her kitchen any time of year, her chocolate drop cookies and blondies were holiday classics, writes senior special projects editor Katie Rousso.
  • She would prepare a batch or two and freeze them months in ahead for my grandfather’s business Christmas dinner. My mom’s kitchen now has her recipe cards, and these delights were the first I duplicated.

3. The Imperial Crab

  • Associate director of social media Brennan Long says, “My mom always serves Crab Imperial on slices of Virginia country ham during the holidays.”
  • It may not be the prettiest or easiest dish, but I appreciate that it mixes the mid-Atlantic South’s best exports. Country ham is usually a present from family or friends, making it taste better.

4. Creamy Potato Au Gratin

  • “We always make au gratin potatoes for Christmas Eve dinner,” says assistant homes editor Cameron Beall. Everyone contributes to the recipe, from thinly slicing the potatoes and grating the cheese to selecting fresh thyme from the yard and layering everything. This dish is family favorite.”

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Generational Christmas Recipes, According to Our Editors

Generational Christmas Recipes, According to Our Editors

5. Peel And Eat Shrimp

  • “My grandmother and my mother (when hosting was inevitably passed down to her) always make Swiss Steak for Christmas dinner, and Christmas Day wasn’t complete without a shrimp cocktail,” says senior staff writer Meghan Overdeep.
  • “My grandfather was meticulous about shrimp preparation and taught my mom and her siblings the only way to make shrimp cocktail. Christmas requires eating enough shrimp to “ruin your dinner.”

6. Easy Fudge

  • Our family tradition is peanut butter fudge. Kimberly Holland, senior digital food editor, calls the recipe card an heirloom. My great-grandmother wrote the recipe.
  • My grandfather edited and added. He taught me how to manufacture it, and now I have it. He made fudge for everyone in town, so scores of people begged my grandmother for some the Christmas after he died. Now I make fudge for many folks at home.”

7. Mom’s Potato Latkes

  • “We celebrate Hanukkah with different groups each night,” adds Rebecca Angel Baer. “My mom’s potato latkes are a constant at these gatherings in cousins’, aunts’, uncles’, and friends’ homes. She brings them to every gathering because no one improves them.”

8. Cheesy Broccoli-And-Rice Casserole

  • Abby Fribush, a Southern Living fellow, says, “For as long as I can remember, my grandma always served broccoli-cheese-and-rice casserole for the holidays.
  • It’s a recipe from her late mother from the 50s, and my grandma still has the original recipe that her mother wrote down on a notepad decades ago.” It was her favorite dish on the holiday spread.

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