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Magical Christmas Traditions to Enjoy With Loved Ones

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Magical Christmas Traditions to Enjoy With Loved Ones
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Magical Christmas Traditions to Enjoy With Loved Ones:- Many of us imagine a Christmas season full of tasty meals, decorating the halls, and finding the right gift for everyone on our list. Most essential is time with loved ones, and trying new Christmas traditions can enhance each moment.

Many U.S. Christmas traditions involve gifts and food, but there are other ways to establish memories. Sit on the couch with hot chocolate and a Christmas movie (extra points for matching pajamas!) or donate to a toy drive or volunteer at a hospital or shelter. Feeling crafty? Gather the crew for DIY. Want to leave town? Enjoy a local holiday parade or a few nights in one of our favorite Christmas cities.

Trying a new Christmas custom should be your top holiday activity. You’ll reconnect with loved ones, remember the season’s enchantment, and find ways to enjoy yourself throughout the slower months.

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Magical Christmas Traditions to Enjoy With Loved Ones

1. Make Mason Jar Crafts

  • In the country, Christmas isn’t Christmas without some mason jar decorations! If you have little kids, make it a point to try a new do-it-yourself mason jar Christmas craft every year. When you’re done, proudly show your creations on the mantel in the living room.

2. Try the 12 Days of Christmas Gifting Approach

  • The traditional carol is one you know and possibly sing a lot. Don’t give the same gifts every year; let this year’s gift ideas give you ideas for fun new ones. If you don’t know how to understand the words in this day and age, we can help.

3. Display seasonal greetings

  • The Christmas cards in your mailbox deserve to be put in a prominent place. If you want to make your home look more festive than a bunch of mixed-up well wishes stuck to the fridge, hang them from a string in a place that a lot of people will see them.

4. Visit a small town

  • It’s certainly nice to stay at home and spend Christmas with your loved ones, but there’s also something thrilling about discovering the magic of a brand-new place. Our picks for the best Christmas places are just that.

5. Try a new twist on the tree

  • You don’t have to choose between Scotch pines and Fraser firs for your Christmas tree! You could make it a fun new practice to find new ways to decorate your tree with your favorite old things.
  • When stacked in order of decreasing size and decorated with string, old flower pots make a pretty garden-themed piece for the front porch.

6 . Pack your playlist

  • You can start hearing Christmas music at any time! If you want to hear some new songs this year, check out our picks of the Best Country Christmas Songs and the Best Christmas Songs of All Time.

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Magical Christmas Traditions to Enjoy With Loved Ones

Magical Christmas Traditions to Enjoy With Loved Ones

7. Attend a holiday parade

  • It’s not just the 4th of July that deserves a parade! For example, Santa Claus and other “celebrities” of the holiday season often show up at street parties in Middleburg, Virginia. Find one close to you, bring a thermos or two of hot cocoa, and wave at everyone else.

8. Start a collection

  • Folks who love old things, listen up! It’s so much fun to look for old Christmas goods all year long. Pick a theme, like old tinsel boxes, and keep an eye out for things that fit that theme. When December comes around, show off your faves.

9. Check the halls

  • Like writer Nora Murphy from Connecticut, use bold patterns like plaid and tartan to decorate your home for Christmas. When you eat on a plaid tablecloth, your food will feel much more festive!

10. Let a goat eat your tree

  • After the holidays, groups like the Philly Goat Project turn Christmas trees into food for goats, which is good for the environment.
  • This is a great way to spend more time with farm animals and make the holiday spirit last longer if there is one near you.

11. Take a hike

  • There’s always something beautiful about nature. No matter where you live—in the cold north or the sunny south—it’s good to get some fresh air and clear your mind. Everyone in the family should go on a hike every year on the same day in December.

12. Put clothes on your pet

  • For sure, this one will make everyone laugh, but your cat or dog might not like us suggesting it. Another thought? Put your pet on your yearly Christmas card.
  • It’s much easier than trying to get everyone else in the family to behave. Just make sure you never, ever leave your pet alone while it’s dressed up in its outfit.

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