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The best ways to become a morning person

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The best ways to become a morning person
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The best ways to become a morning person : At seven in the morning, Jane Walsh gets out of bed and moves onto her yoga mat. She stretches and bends for the next thirty minutes, either before coffee, breakfast, or feeding the cats.”It establishes the mood for the remainder of the day,” remarks Walsh, 58, a New York City public relations professional. Even after spending late nights out in her 20s, she has adhered to this routine for as long as she can recall.

1. Seek out as much natural light as possible

  • The key to becoming a morning person, says Martin, is bright light. Light suppresses melatonin, which regulates circadian rhythm. “The sun drives our internal clock,” she says.
  • Wake up and take a brisk walk around the neighborhood or drink coffee in the backyard. Martin also advises against using black-out curtains to create a gloomy sleeping environment, as she doesn’t use them in her 16- and 20-year-old kids’ bedroom.
  • I want the light coming in and helping them wake up,” she explains. (If the light bothers you overnight, don an eye mask you remove when you wake up.)

2. Ease in gradually.

  • Martin suggests two approaches to rise early. You may start getting up at your preferred hour every day, knowing you’ll feel exhausted at first but fall asleep earlier after a few weeks.
  • Some people, particularly those who travel great distances, are at risk during the first few days of tiredness from a new routine. Martin suggests gradually adjusting to early-bird life.
  • She advises individuals to shift half an hour, wait a few days, shift again, wait a few days, and shift again. “That’s easier to tolerate.”

3. Be consistent—even on weekends.

  • Developing morning habits takes seven days a week. Set a daily wake-up time and stick to it. “If someone says, ‘I want to be more of a morning person during the week, but I want to sleep in on the weekends,’ that won’t work,” Gehrman adds.

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 The best ways to become a morning person

4. Wind down in the evenings.

  • Gehrman thinks a constant bedtime isn’t as critical as a steady wake-up time, but getting adequate sleep is. Most individuals should sleep seven hours a night, so you may need to move your bedtime up as you adjust.
  • Gehrman advocates reducing harsh light exposure at least an hour before bed.
  • Research shows that late-night artificial light decreases melatonin production, which might affect sleep quality and ability to fall asleep.

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